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Thief And Election Rigger

Najib`s intention, recently disclosed, to call a general election early next year is the first time that he personally has admitted his guilt over his mega thefts of public funds. He now admits that there is no way out of his situation than to rig yet another election and hope that time will blur his guilt and enable him to stay out of jail.

It seems that he thinks that the people of Malaysia can be bribed and browbeaten into overlooking his criminal behaviour and return him to office. He could not be more wrong about this; a fact that he implicitly acknowledged when adding that if he did not get a majority he would buy one. With money stolen from taxpayers of course.

That may have worked in the past. It will not work again. The fact that he thinks it will is an indication of his massive failure to understand the contempt in which he is held by all right thinking Malaysians. It is also a typical reaction of a criminal who relies only on the opinions and flattery of his bought accomplices.

That is, of course, exactly what the UMNO central committee are. Bought and paid for. But history shows that “paid for” rarely means continuing loyalty and support. Especially when those receiving the bribes are well aware that they come from stolen funds; the property of the people.

The whole notion of trying for a new mandate is a counsel of despair, dreamed up by a mega criminal and his controlling wife as a last ditch attempt to stay out of jail. It is also an interesting acknowledgment that, despite offers of wealth, no country is prepared to offer this duo asylum and protection from prosecution. How does it feel to be THAT unpopular? A handshake in passing is one thing. Holding the nose is another; as Rosmah has just learned.



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