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Thieves Will Be Thieves

The truth of that observation has once more been proved by the crooks who presently rule Sarawak.

Knowing that the downfall of their paymaster Najib and his corrupt party BN would likely bring an end to the thieving and mass corruption that has disfigured Sarawak political life for over forty years; right back to Taib’s “uncle” Rahman; BN Sarawak, now calling itself GPS, has been mouthing promises about restoring naïve customary rights to the natives of the State from whom they were stolen by the Taib tribe.

All this is linked to the fact that past Sarawak elections have been bought with BN bribes. Trust Taib and his minions not to use their own stolen ill- gotten gains for the purpose.

Now all that is over and at the upcoming State elections BN, GPS and all their criminal allies should disappear into the dustbin of history, remembered only by their prison numbers.

Knowing this Abang Openg, inheritor and puppet of mega thief Taib is manoeuvring to gather support from the natives of the State in order to stay in power and out of jail. There is still plenty of illegally gained money from the mass rape of Sarawak’s forests to buy the next election IF, and it’s a big IF, the voters of Sarawak can be fooled into thinking that Openg and his gang have their interests at heart.

Any Sarawakian foolish enough to believe that should ask himself or herself why the proposal to return native customary rights and land to its owners, so loudly trumpeted by Openg, turns out to be a proposal only to let them have a type of “ownership” that has no legal validity and could be revoked by a stroke of Openg’s pen. A Mont Blanc, no doubt.

PH Sarawak should, from bitter past experience, know that promises from Taib and his fellow crooks mean nothing and will be reneged on once the election is safely out of the way.

A start could be made by asking a reformed Election Commission to review the changes made over the years to Sarawak State constituency boundaries; all aimed at creating “rotten boroughs” to boost the BN representation. It is significant that most or nearly all these fake constituencies are in areas of the State controlled by the Malay/Melanau minority.

It may have suited the Brookes to pander to that minority, Modern Sarawak has no need to and no justification to allow this corrupt disruption of the State’s electoral process to continue.

To get a majority PH will need to work and work hard. Victory will not fall from the trees like ripe fruit. It has to be earned. And the time to start is NOW:

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