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Timber Criminals

Now that even Shell, one of the biggest exploiters of world natural resources, have openly admitted that de-forestation is causing global warming and that re-forestation is the only answer is it not time for the PH government to put a stop to the rape of the remains of Sarawak’s forests by mega criminal Taib and his cronies, natïve and Chinese? The world outside will not find it easy to accept that it will fry because a criminal gang in Sarawak are allowed to go on with their world destructive activities.

Taib, Najib’s former ally , and now a brand new PH supporter,o may think that by changing from BN to Gagasan he has changed his past and that PH will now look the other way about his crimes, past and present. Whatever markers he may have in Kuala Lumpur the PH electorate will not stand for any back door deals with this mega criminal.

PH need to take note of what is now being admitted about de-forestation and put an immediate stop to any further timber cutting. At the same time a massive re-planting scheme (for which world funding could be available) must be started. If immediate funds for that are short take Taib’s ill gotten gains and those of his cronies to pay for it. A case of the biter bit.

Putrajaya also need to grasp that the matter of de-forestation is no longer a domestic issue managed by criminal politicians and ruthless businessmen. It is now a world issue and the world will not allow Malaysia to go on cutting its collective throat simply for a handful of votes in the Malaysian Parliament. PH need to act NOW to avoid serious consequences in the near future.

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