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UMNO Twaddle

Two of arch thief Najib’s “Ministers” have been treating anyone who would listen to them to lectures about how “good Malaysians”, or more practically “good Malays” should react to the enormous financial scandals that PM Najib has created.

Good Malays, it seems, should not listen to anyone on these subjects. Except of course the arch thief’s ministers. It is not, it appears, ‘anyone’s business’ that he has been detected in stealing billions of public money. Especially it is not the business of anyone outside the Malay community and all such statements should be ignored as lies and foreign fabrications.

What remains unclear is just what these “Ministers” hoped to achieve by talking this twaddle? One can say a million times that Najib is not a thief but why waste breath and time. Everyone inside and outside Malaysia knows that he is. They did not, apparently, refer to the actual thief, Malaysian Official 1. This no doubt because the UMNO supreme council still have not been able to identify this mysterious person who stole most of 1MDB’s money!

Of course their personal motives for their absurd statements are crystal clear. They are both on the cash handout list which Najib uses to stay in office. But they might have been wiser to keep quiet. Their words have, in police jargon, been taken down and will be used in evidence against them.

What is particularly worrying is that one of this duo, Mahdzir Khalid is, nominally, the Minister of Education. Corruption of young minds is an especially grievous sin and quite unforgivable. That is something that he and fellow flunky Mustafa Mohamed will be able to reflect on during their forthcoming long vacation.

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