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Value For (Chinese) Money?

Speaking openly Malaysian minister Salleh said that China is on the march and that it’s money had to be accepted. As an UMNO Minister he can be taken as an authority on accepting money but his premise is as absurd as it is dishonest.

Of course Najib’s bought supporters, of whom Salleh is one, will parrot this sort of nonsense. Their boss has just taken a multi-billion bribe from Beijing in the shape of the East Coast railway project so whatever China does has to be accepted and praised.

That does not mean that any sensible person needs to take Salleh’s rantings seriously. International reaction to criminal actions such as this Najib China initiative takes time to show. But Najib had better learn that showing the finger to the US can get it bitten off in short order. And the incoming President is much more likely to do that than the departing one.

This Salleh stupidity does, however, highlight something that needs to be recognised and understood in Malaysia. And that is that the flow of bribes to rural voters comes from money stolen from them by mega crook Najib. They are, in fact, paying for their own bribes and will pay much, much more in future if Najib continues to steal any public money or assets that are not bolted down. Reflect that a man who will steal from the pension fund and from the pilgrimage fund will steal anything from anybody.

Time to wake up.

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