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Who Does He Think He Is?


Former UMNO minister Rais Yatim has had the bare-faced vanity to propose himself for the Speakership of the Legislative Assembly.

After years of puppet domination by a non- member the Assembly now has the opportunity to appoint a new Speaker from the government benches. The experiment of having a non- Assembly member as Speaker has proved itself to be the very worst of ideas; never to be repeated.

In passing it is good to note that there are very substantial grounds for a deep investigation into the former Speaker who displayed craven partiality towards arch thief Najib and the latter’s administration. Now that he has been de-throned, in every sense of the term, he should be investigated.

The role of Speaker is a very important one and the best candidate should be appointed to it by the votes of the Assembly members themselves. One thing is certain. It will not be Ras Yatim who, like other UMNO barons, does not seem able to understand that the public have had more than enough of UMNO and its corrupt and venal leadership. Hence the result of GE14. Try to hoist that in, UMNO.

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