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Work Harder?

According to Press reports an elderly gentleman, apparently the number two in the PDRM has announced that the Police will “work harder” in 2017. Malaysians can take comfort from that promise so that at least the country’s police force will do something, as opposed to doing virtually nothing this year.

For example a mega criminal who has stolen billions of ringgit of public money is still moving around Malaysia unhindered. In case the PDRM need some identifying details his name is Najib Razak and he can be found in the Prime Minister’s offices.

Then there are some murderers to catch. No, not Najib this time but those who murdered Kevin Morais. When they talk his goose will be cooked. Presumably this is why they remain uncaught so long after their crime.

If arresting murderers is too tiring, or too dangerous, there are plenty of other targets to work on. The Attorney General for example. He is on public record demonstrating that Najib is a mega thief while he was declaring him innocent! A whole slew of offences there for the Police to “work harder” on in 2017.

Then there are opportunities for in house cleaning. Take the IGP Khalid for example. Instead of arresting Najib for criminal offences relating to public money he rushes to tip him off and allow the arrest move to be stifled. That is far from the full charge sheet against this failed copper but it would be a good start. It might also convince the public that the Deputy IGP actually means that the PDRM will start to earn its salaries, promotions, medals etc. etc. in 2017.

As the proverb has it the proof of the pudding is in the eating. What sort of taste can the long suffering Malaysian citizen expect in 2017? Same old tahi, we fear.

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