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Has been the preferred method of ostentation since Roman times, and probably before. That in no way reduces the essential vulgarity of the practice but does serve the useful purpose of identifying those from whose company one should run a mile.

Not least because some of the world`s mega yacht owners/users are also among the most criminal and undesirable elements in society. A perfect example is the yacht Equanimity, owned by the Malaysian taxpayer but currently in the hands and purported ownership of the mega criminal Jho Low. Those who fear, for one reason or another (arrest, tax, bankruptcy are some) to set foot on land can, at least temporarily avoid those risks by hiding on their mega yachts.

However such persons should remember that yachts, however large and vulgar, are not ships of war and any nation with a Navy can at any time stop, search and arrest. If Jho Low has temporary control of Equanimity the US has permanent control of a vast Navy which can at any time pluck him from vulgar luxury to a small space in the brig, pending a very much longer stay in a Supermax. Keep that in mind Jho and don’t forget to remind your master Najib that a small cell awaits him too.

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