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Khalid Is Out - But Not Without A Fight!

22 Aug 2017, 82 comments

... the ring-leader known as Gopi (Gopinathan Krishnan), pressure had come direct from ...

No Further Action Re-Gopi - On Orders Of PM!

17 Jul 2017, 33 comments

... police officers and intermediaries, including Krishnan Gopinathan ‘Gopi’, in May. The ...

Gopi Made Over A Hundred Calls To One Top Cop - And CID Chief Called Him Back! EXCLUSIVE

6 Jul 2017, 27 comments

... calls from the suspected ringleader Gopinathan Krishnan,  known as Gopi, he maintained on Thursday: “ ...

Gopi's Police Network - More Shocking Connections Identified From Gangster Suspect's Call List MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

5 Jul 2017, 29 comments

... into the suspected protection racketeer Gopinathan Krishnan (‘Gopi’), showing that ...

Top Suspect In Police Protection Racket Was In Direct Phone Contact With The IGP!

12 Jun 2017, 26 comments

Gopinathan Krishnan (‘Gopi’) Documents obtained ... close to the investigation indicate that Gopinathan Krishnan, the top suspect arrested last ... Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) owing to Gopinathan’s alleged pivotal role managing ...

Operation Gopi - Connections Point Right To The Top MAJOR EXCLUSIVE

11 Jun 2017, 24 comments

... removed for refusing to do so, say sources. Gopinathan Krishnan ‘Gopi'(circled) was among ... key intermediary concerned was one Gopinathan Krishnan, known as Gopi.  Hence the name ...