Najib Admits He Is A Kleptocrat - Says So What?

West shouldn’t lecture, Najib says as Malaysia embraces China:

In an editorial in a Chinese state-run paper, China Daily the Prime Minister sought to explain his administration’s move to increase trade and cooperation with China…“More generally, we believe it is incumbent upon larger countries to treat smaller ones fairly. And this includes former colonial powers. It is not for them to lecture countries they once exploited on how to conduct their own internal affairs today.

“Malaysia and China are united in agreeing on the need to defend the sovereignty of the nation state and in the belief that the individual histories, values and governance systems of different countries must be respected,” Najib wrote.

The PM stressed that it is important for “global institutions” to reflect the views of countries which were given no say in the” legal and security infrastructure” that was set up by the victors of the Second World War.

….. Calling it the “Asian Century”, Najib said that China and Malaysia must continue working on the partnership…

“When it comes to the South China Sea, we firmly believe that overlapping territorial and maritime disputes should be managed calmly and rationally through dialogue, in accordance with the rule of law and peaceful negotiations,” he said.

Yesterday, Malaysian and Chinese companies made history with the signing of 14 agreements worth RM144 billion.

PM Najib had said the amount was the biggest ever recorded in conjunction with his official visit overseas, and it was a historic achievement.

Our comment

Najib is saying that the US should “respect” his system of government, which happens to be kleptocracy.

And by this he means that he should be allowed to make the single biggest recorded theft of public money and then use that money to purchase properties and assets in the United States, in contravention of US domestic laws against money laundering.

Anyone who says he can’t break the laws of America in this fashion is simply a frightful colonialist from the century before last, who is personally responsible for similar crimes, according to Najib.

It is a lame argument, which goes into the same category as Saudi donors and Cayman Island funds. Incidentally, it also acts as an open admission at last that he is up to his neck in the DOJ investigation in America.

The vast majority of Malaysians of whatever creed are sickened and shocked by this freewheeling madness.  However the Prime Minister, his wife, his refugee from Hollywood stepson and Senior Minister Without Portfolio, Jho Low, reckon that their place-men in UMNO are bought and paid for junior gangsters, who will continue to do their bidding.

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