Answering Questions In Court Is What This Cop Can't Afford!

The cost of retrieving the A$320,000 (approximately RM1 million) seized by Australian authorities was too prohibitive for Bukit Aman CID chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd.

According to inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun, Wan Ahmad does wish to retrieve the sum but could not afford to do so.

“He wants (the money back). That is his right. But to him, the procedure (involved)… will cost him a lot more money,” he told a press conference in Bukit Aman today..,,

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Federal Police alleged that the money channelled into Wan Ahmad’s bank account contained laundered money or proceeds of crime.

There was a large number of deposits in the bank account for about a month, with each deposit being under A$10,000 – the threshold which would have red-flagged the account.

Our comment

Shame on this IGP for not immediately sacking the top cop who dares not step into an Australian witness box to explain how a million ringgit ended up being anonymously sneaked into his bank account.

Here is none other than the Head of CID, responsible for clearing up organised crime all over Malaysia, himself the subject of an enquiry about a huge sum of unnaccounted cash and he claims it would be ‘too expensive’ to claim it back.

What this cop can’t afford is to be forced to answer questions in front of a judge in court, so he would rather surrender the million ringgit after being caught red handed and hide back in KL.

Would he allow any of the fellons he caught red handed in this manner to get away with such a thing?  Malaysians will be forgiven for now thinking maybe yes he would…. as long as they pay a large sum into an Australian bank account, no questions asked.

Unless this top cop steps forward and answers for this million ringgit bank account, Malaysians would also be forgiven for concluding that the worst criminals are those running the country and these top cops are now part of the crime syndicate in charge.

They ought to all be fired.

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