Because the PM Pretends?

Shahrir questioned why would the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) initiate a forensic audit to probe the matter if Najib was in the know.

“If Felda did not know, how would the PMO know; no one knew, be it Felda, or its board of directors – after the transfer of ownership was done, even the Felda Investment Corporation (FIC) was not informed.

“If the PM knew, why would he ask (Felda) to investigate and lodge a police report. The actions were initiated by the PM, he was the one who ordered (Felda) to take actions (against the transaction).”

Shahrir was responding to questions raised by PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli that urged Shahrir to answer whether Najib was involved in the scandal since Felda comes under PMO.


Our comment

By the same token, why did Najib initiate a Task Force Investigation into 1MDB?

The answer is, to pretend he was innocent and knew nothing about what was going on, when in fact he could hardly fail to have noticed the billion dollars that had gone into his own bank account!

Given there was a known thief at the scene Sharir must accetp that it is natural for people to ask for him to be investigated with regard to this further disappearance.

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