Black Is White, According To Najib

There is no misappropriation in 1MDB’s accounts and administration, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak told Parliament, quoting the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Nor are the accounts and administration disorganised, Najib said in a parliamentary written reply.

“PAC has claimed that there is no misappropriation in 1MDB’s accounts and administration, nor was it disorganised,” he said.

“There was only weakness in the administration of the company,” Najib told Mahfuz Omar (Pokok Sena).

Mahfuz asked what actions had been taken by the management after the 1MDB report by PAC was tabled in Parliament.

“The inspector-general of police has said the police will study the PAC’s proposal (to determine) if there is any element that requires further investigation and action,” Najib added.

Our comment

Hey, did someone pass the PM the wrong report?

Surely, he is not referring to the damning and shocking report of the PAC, which has made clear that there was an appalling misappropriation of money and that it was all down to a system put in place, which gave him total personal charge of the company and by-passed the authority of the board?

Of course, who would not take advantage of a situation where they are appointed judge and jury of their own case?

And if that enables him to claim that a damning report was a vote of confidence then of course he has.

It is onlookers, such as the businessmen cum Lords in the UK, who have chosen to pretend that Najib is subject to genuine judicial processes and to ‘suspend judgement’, who earn greatest opprobrium in this matter and they deserve to be shamed.


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