Blame The Opposition For Government Crimes!

A BN direct candidate has given a different twist to the 1MDB scandal – he put the blame squarely on the opposition.

Dudong candidate Tiong Thai King said fiascos such as the 1MDB came about because the opposition had shirked its duty in monitoring the government.

The opposition had neglected its duty, he said in an interview with China Press today.

The opposition has become irrelevant as it was unable to play up its role effectively, Tiong added.

“They (the opposition) have failed to monitor the government and prevent all these things from happening.

“If they have failed in their job, why should we continue to vote for them?” he asked.

As such, Tiong urged the voters to support the Sarawak BN so that it would have a bigger mandate to build the state.

Tiong was formerly with United People’s Party (UPP) but quit the party to stand as BN direct candidate this time.

He was defeated by DAP candidate Yap Hoi Liong by 317 votes in the 2011 state polls, and is facing Yap for the second time in a five-cornered fight.

He was the MP for Lanang from 1996 to 2013, and is also the brother of Ribunan Hijau Group founder and billionaire Tiong Hiew King.

Our comment

Wow! this one takes the biscuit, as the saying goes.

Tiong is the teacher who blames his class, the thug who blames his victim and the thief who blames his target all rolled into one.

BN has for over a year abused their powers relentlessly, in order to persecute anyone who has tried to raise concerns over 1MDB. Indeed this writer has been issued with a warrant for arrest and the Malaysian IGP has been badgering INTERPOL (unsuccessfully) to raise a terrorist alert against her for exposing corruption at the fund.

DAP spokesman Tony Pua, who has striven with all his might to alert BN politicians to this situation, has had his passport illegally removed so that he cannot travel for his pains. Dozens of civil rights campaigners have been slammed with shocking charges of ‘sedition’ and other trumped up crimes, whilst the people themselves have been banned from exercising their right to protest or even Tweet about the problem online.

Meanwhile, Tiong and his cronies have continued their criminal activities in Sarawak, bribing for logging contracts, lying over profits and exporting their dirty business practices to places like Papua New Guinea, where his family firm has caused international outrage over human rights abuses (similar to those they got away with in Sarawak).

Tiong and his cronies have moreover made known their full support for Najib, who is now the one man in Malaysia, who still refuses to admit there is a problem with 1MDB.

Of course, this arch criminal in government therefore blames everybody he has been responsible to for the now public failings over 1MDB. Imagine if he started to take responsibility for any of what he and his family of tycoons have done!

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