Bribes From The Top

The federal government has promised more allocations to develop Sarawak if incumbent Chief Minister Adenan Satem wins big in the coming state election.

“With his good relationship with the federal government, the prime minister and myself as well, I will try my best to help facilitate (more) allocations to build Sarawak.

“This is if he (Adenan) wins big in the state election – more than a two-thirds majority,” said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Zahid made the promise when he addressed more than 500 people at the meet-the-leader-people session in Balingian, a state seat of Mukah today.

Our comment

The world has started watching Malaysia and this straight bribery from the Federal Government’s deputy leader in favour of the de facto UMNO boss in Sarawak will confirm how bad corruption has become in this country.

Zahid plainly does not realise how shocking and criminal such statements appear to most of the world.

Certainly, he disqualifies himself also in the eyes of Malaysians as a suitable successor to Najib, who only promoted him because he was willing to support his own criminal behaviour.

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