Discussing Channelling Projects?

The meeting between Umno parliamentarians and PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali last night was merely to discuss the channelling of government projects to their various constituencies, alleged Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

The Umno president said, however, the meeting was carried out against previous advice of opposition leader in Parliament Ismail Sabri Yaakob, which led many parties to speculate as to its objective.

“I received information… the meeting was held to satisfy their (Umno MPs’) voters in getting government projects to be channelled through allocations to them as MPs.

“However, it created a perception… The opposition chief had before this reminded that any meeting must be done en bloc (by the opposition pact)

Our comment

Any Malaysian can see this lousy excuse is horse manure, as the Hishamuddin ‘plot’ apparently hatched during that notorious family holiday in Marrakesh (that cost so much) unfurls – or rather unravels.

But, what an excuse to make! Most of these BN goons are facing criminal charges of their own, just like their ‘Bosku’ Najib.  And like Najib they seem to think an equally incriminating explanation for their actions is OK to put people off the scent.

Najib claimed an Arab ruler had given him a billion dollars to help him buy GE13, as if that made it all OK.  Now, Zahid and Hishamuddin and co are claiming they went to Azmin’s house to get ‘projects’ channelled to their constituencies!!!  Is that how they think governments are run in the democratic age of law and order?

“I was just over at the minister’s house angling for a mass pork barrel to avoid the proper channels and all due process folks!”

Where this leaves this strange political creation of the Prime Minister and his parallel economics portfolio one has to wonder? Azmin has made clear he won’t support his own party PKR unless he is allowed to usurp its leader so which might he join instead?

Given his recent actions and style of politics UMNO seems the most natural home for him. Surely PH would be well rid of him. With such a defender after all, why would the PM need enemies?

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