Gangnam Style!

Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans marched in central Seoul on Saturday to surround embattled President Park Geun-hye’s office, forming a so-called “human chain” to demand the president’s resignation, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

As of 4pm local time, organisers estimated over 200,000 people gathered around the Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul, just over a kilometre away from the presidential Blue House where Park’s office and residence are located.

The demonstrators marched up to 200 metres from the Blue House as a Seoul court allowed it.

Park’s office was encircled by a chain of protesters in three sides along the wall of police bus that were parked to prevent an attempt to enter inside the presidential office.

The association to let the Park Geun-hye administration resign, composed of about 1,500 civic groups, held a preliminary event for three hours before the march to the Blue House.

Our comment

This President Park ought to take some lessons from the world’s self-proclaimed ‘greatest democracy’, Malaysia.

This march ought to have been declared illegal and its leaders arrested under terrorism laws.  A bunch of thugs should have been mobilised to frighten the marchers and then clapped in jail too (only overnight of course) to give a show of ‘fair play’.

Any criticism of Park ought then also to be declared illegal and Facebook scoured to identify perpetrators.  Park should sack all her senior colleagues and replace the top law enforcers, so they declare her ‘cleared’.

To make sure, she should rush through a law allowing her to shoot people dead if she feels it to be necessary – for terrorism offences that include ‘seeking to topple an elected prime minister in between elections’.

Then Mrs Park can really start looting as much money as she likes – not just a few million, but real billions!

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