Give Najib Enough Rope!

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s warning against a hasty charge on the 1MDB scandal proved there is no solid evidence on the matter, former premier Najib Abdul Razak said today.

“He said without solid evidence, and if I am found not guilty by the courts, then all allegations and actions by Pakatan Harapan all this while will be questioned by the people.

“By saying this, Mahathir has admitted that Harapan made allegations against me without solid evidence.

“Now they want to justify their allegations by looking for ‘evidence’ whether it is true, fictitious, or made up,” Najib wrote on his Facebook.

Mahathir had warned yesterday that haste in charging Najib could end up seeing the latter go free.

Najib said the remarks also proved that the alleged charge sheet against him in mid-2015 was not real, and part of a conspiracy by some in government to overthrow him.


Our comment

There is a well known tactic where a sly operator will allow a fool enough rope, so that he hangs himself.  In this case Dr M is the willy strategist and Najib the goose.

Najib apprears admirably to be falling into the trap of using the licence that is being given him in order to condemn himself: infuriating everyone as he shoots his mouth off, claiming innocence in all directions, when the evidence of mass corruption is plain for all to see.

This man needs to face reality for his own good, but having been pampered and flattered by all those around him since his early 20s, owing to accident of birth, it is probably an impossible request.  He will remain in his own bubble till the end of his days, listening to whoever is prepared to continue to humour his self-delusions.

Meanwhile, every time he tells another lie, engages in another treacherous conspiracy or ticks off his successors for not telling lies themselves he is figuratively pulling the noose around his own neck and digging his own grave.  This is because he is usefully providing his eventual prosecutors with plenty of evidence of his total lack of remorse for the way he conducted himself while in office.

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