God Moves In Mysterious Ways?

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said that the party’s doors are open to any MP, assemblyperson or ordinary member who wants to join it….

His comments come in the wake of the exit of 10 MPs, including former minister Hamzah Zainuddin, from Umno since Thursday….

Tuan Ibrahim said that with Umno’s large membership and financial clout, the exodus of elected representatives should not have happened.

“They (Umno leaders) are being charged in court and faces all kinds of accusations and personal attacks. They have not recovered from a major defeat.

“I think when all of this develops concurrently, sometimes the leadership loses focus.

“But the fact is Umno has its strengths with three million members and billions of ringgit in assets. The current situation should not have happened,” he said.

Our comment

There seems to be something missing from the message from this PAS religious leader cum politician that reflects the party’s almost incomprehensible falling in with UMNO, even whilst the stink of corruption has driven away so many of that party’s own elected MPs.

The PAS deputy leader suggests that those UMNO representatives ought not to have left, given the large membership of the party … and “billions of ringgit” he says UMNO has in assets.

Is morality not a good enough reason for this religious party leader?

In fact, how and why UMNO has managed to acquire such an apparently vast trove of wealth is highly pertinent. Perhaps this PAS leader would be so helpful as to detail what he knows of UMNO’s assets, so that it can be examined how on earth a political party could accumulate such billions through non-corrupted means?

This may not trouble PAS, but more and more Malaysians will surely be looking at the benefits of disolving UMNO altogether (given its present status appears to be illegitimate) and perhaps injecting those very assets back into the economy from which its leadership has looted so much money?

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