He Knows How It's Done!

Buoyed by BN twin victories in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is now setting his eyes on recapturing Selangor from Pakatan Harapan.

A jubilant Najib said this to some 250 supporters gathered at the Umno Sungai Besar headquarters to celebrate the victory of BN’s candidate Budiman Mohd Zohdi.

“With this victory in Sungai Besar, it can be our starting point for a renewed vibrant spirit.

“The spirit for us to attack! For us to recapture Selangor,” he declared to cheers from the crowd.

Our comment

Jail the opposition leader and use your excessive powers and money to swing the margins.

Encourage divisive religious extremism and racial disharmony.

Abuse your total control of the media and exploit hopelessness.  Gosh, and you win a few hundred more votes than the combined opposition you have succeeded in dividing.

Then pat yourself on the back for a fair election win and laugh that now you are the Idi Amin of Malaysia!

Najib should call that General Election now… before the full details of his thefts officially come out and even the greediest British businessmen will have to admit the proof is staring them down.

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