Honorary Degree

Student coalition Kesatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia chairperson Anis Syafiqah Md Yusof has been found guilty on three disciplinary offences linked to the Aug 27 “Tangkap Malaysian Official 1” rally in Kuala Lumpur.

The final decision, on whether she would be fined, banned from certain parts of the university, suspended or expelled, would only be made known within the next two weeks, the Universiti Malaya activist said….

“Actually our final exams are in three weeks.

“I am worried I would not be able to sit for it, because we do not know what punishments would be served by the university,” she said in questioning the timing of the decision.

However, the third-year Language and Linguistics student said she did not regret her actions.


Throughout the proceedings, she was accompanied by UM final year law student Marcus Lee, who raised concerns over the hearing process.


Our comment

Anis and Marcus are Malaysia’s student heroes for whom their degrees (awarded or not) pale into insignificance beside their exceptional qualities of bravery and right-mindedness (clearly not shared by the time-servers who have sought to deprive her of the fruits of her studies).

Together they have offered a glimpse of a better future for the next generation, working together for honest, democratic good governance…. towards a country others can safely invest in and work with.

In good time universities will queue up to award Anis an honorary degree (although she seems the type who will insist on sitting the exam anyway) because she has realised that progress cannot be achieved without sacrifice.

She joins a band of remarkable Malaysian women, supported by brave and remarkable Malaysian men.

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