In Any Other Country Zahid Would Not Have Lasted An Hour After That Remark

DAP candidate for Senadin Baru Langub has accused Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi of possible bribery after the latter offered a school in his constituency RM500,000, only if BN wins.

“Ahmad Zahid’s obvious use of national resources to offer an exchange with voters raises suspicion of bribery,” he said in a statement today. He also questioned if Ahmad Zahid had violated the Election Offences Act 1954.

Yesterday, Ahmad Zahid who was in Miri announced an allocation of RM1 million for two schools within the constituency of Pujut. However, he said another school within the Senadin constituency would get RM500,000 if BN wins the constituency.

In his speech last night, Ahmad Zahid also denied his pledge had anything to do with the election.

“Maybe the other side will accuse me of all sorts of things but we want assemblypersons who can get allocations and they must come from BN,” he said.

Our comment

It is a sad sad reflection of the collapse of morals in Malaysia that a Deputy Prime Minister can make such a blatant and illegal bribe, using public money against the people in this way.

Even worse, having committed such a faux pas he seeks to defend himself.

In any other democratic country he would not have lasted even one hour after this odious abuse of children’s right to education – his party would have thrown him overboard to mitigate the toxic reprisals from a shocked press and public.

But, Zahid’s boss is a guy who openly does the same and whose slogan is “if you help me I help you” prior to offering RM500 ringgit per longhouse door.

Malaysia is the only “democracy” in the world where the same party has held power for nearly 60 years. Which confirms that there is in fact no democracy and no rule of law in this corrupted state.

BN treat Sarawakians as though they are primitive “Aboriginals” whose freedoms can be palmed off with a few bribes and beers. If they allow them to get away with it BN will suck them dry and then leave them for dead.

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