Najib Compares His Malaysia To Iraq Under Sadam Hussein??

“Changing the government is not a solution, if it is better, then it makes sense … if worse, more disaster and more uncertainties … that’s a stupid thing to do … Sorry, have to say it.

“My doctor at the IJN (National Heart Institute) informed me about this Iraqi patient who when asked if it was better then or now, he said even that even under hated President Saddam Hussein, at least they had food on the table, children could go to school, and the country was safe.

“However, look at it now, it’s all destroyed.

“Changing an existing government does not guarantee better governance,” Najib was quoted as saying by the national news agency.

Yesterday, the prime minister told the Parit Umno division annual meeting that only powerless parties that wanted to topple the government engaged in fear politics.

The national news agency cited Najib as saying Umno, as the ruling party, did not need to play “politics of fear” as this would only destroy the people’s hopes.

“We will be in disarray, disorganised, uncertain, aimless (if resorting to politics of fear), Umno will continue to give hope for the people because it has been proven that for the 60 years Umno has been in power, we are the party that has done a lot of deeds and brought changes to Malaysia,” he had said.

In his speech today, Najib also emphasised how Malaysia was not a failed state contrary to claims by the opposition.

Our comment

So, Najib has just compared his governance of Malaysia to the murderous dictatorship of Iraq under Sadam Hussein, which finally provoked disastrous foreign intervention – or is he just warning of further things to come?

Many will agree that Malaysia is already on the road towards a nasty Middle Eastern-style dictatorship, what with the Prime Minister’s repeated violations of the constitution always with the purpose of securing his own position, preventing investigations into corruption and keeping loyal people in key positions that ought to be independent.

It is called abuse of power and once embarked upon it can lead a country down a very steep and dangerous slope. This is what people ought to be fearful of, because the consequences can indeed be war, famine, primitive conditions – certainly the loss of liberty.

The peaceful transition of power from one party to another, on the other hand, as provided for every five years by Malaysia’s consitution, is the best way to avoid such conflicts, since it allows the people to get rid of uselss, corrupt and discredited leaders in a polite and peaceful manner.

By seeking to block democratic change and inciting fear amongst voters in this way, it is Najib who creating danger for Malaysia and setting it further towards the path of dictatorship, doom and disaster!

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