Najib Is A Politician Not A Sacred Being....

The US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) pursuit of 1MDB assets was part of a conspiracy to meddle in Malaysia’s affairs because the country had a Muslim-led government, said Umno information chief Annuar Musa.

“With the 14th general election to be called this August, September or October, they, or specifically the DOJ are collaborating with those seeking power to once again launch a preemptive strike to change the regime through a secret, careful and effective planning.

“They don’t need the truth, the burden of proof and need not follow the rule of law of the target country.

“It is sufficient to make a complaint, accusations, insinuation and create the perception of instability in the country,” he said in a statement.

He cited countries such as Iraq and Yemen as examples of US intervention.

As such, he urged Umno members to stand by their leaders and “double their efforts to combat slander, threats and psychological warfare in all forms and through all types of media”.

Our comment

The question that many are asking is whether Malaysia IS being led by genuine Muslims at this time?

Surely, a bunch of thieves, who are unable to provide any sensible defence against damning criminal accusations, ought not be considered proper practising Muslims or worthy of any other faith?

To the contrary, Malaysia is full of pious Muslims, who have expressed themselves shocked at the criminal behaviour of this bunch of looters, now so loud to call themselves holy and to cosy up to PAS for protection.

These shocked Malay Muslims have moved to support the opposition alliance, now led by the former Muslim Prime Minister of twenty years – with all sides united in disgust at the irreligious behavoiur of the self-praising fellows around Najib who are insisting they are above the law.

As for Annuar’s ridiculous scare-mongering about bombing and the like – he should remember that the US has for decades been a friend to Malaysia and a country should take note of a caution from its allies, in circumstances such as the one his boss has dragged the country into, rather than rejecting it with brainless talk of plots, conspiracies, invasions and the like.

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