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Najib Is Conscience Free

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has said the millions of ringgit channelled from his bank accounts to BN parties in the past were not from 1MDB.

“This (matter) is subject to investigations. It cannot be said they are 1MDB funds, to begin with……

Asked if the funds would be returned should investigators establish that it originated from 1MDB, Najib reiterated that the funds were not from the firm.

“It was not from 1MDB because my conscience is clear. When we issued the cheques, we were clear that it didn’t come from 1MDB.

“I would not have issued the cheques if it came from 1MDB,” he said.


Our comment

Najib has been proven a liar countless times.  Later he has proven happy to admit he lied then to demand you believe his new lie (see changing stories over RM2.6bn and Jho Low’s involvement).

It is therefore plain that it is not that his conscience is clear, but that he is clear of a conscience.

This is a characteristic of criminals, who find the lack of a conscience to be extremely convenient for the daily progress of their work, which by necessity involves copious lying and deception against others.

Lying is also addictive, which means that even when the liar has been exposed to a knowing world, they find it extremely hard to stop taking the easy way out and will continue with their laughable and conflicting untruths, usually until someone locks them up and tells them to reflect.

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