Najib Must Refute His Followers

Maria had received the threat via her mobile phone, and the message had stated that it was a warning from Malaysian Islamic State operatives.

According to Maria’s report, part of the threat read: “Demi Allah dan kesucian perjuangan Islam di Malaysia, kalau ko nak hilang kepala macam kt Syria, teruskan keje bodoh tu. Aku potong kepala ko aku rakam dan akan aku sebar dalam u tube…aku kenal sape ko, aku tau kt mana kau tinggal dan aku jugak tau sape fmly dan anak-anak ko…”

(In the name of Allah, and the sanctity of the Islamic struggle in Malaysia, if you want to lose your head like in Syria, continue with your stupid work. I will decapitate you, record it and spread it on You Tube. I know who you are, I know where you live and I know your family and children).

Our comment

It has been well-established that the organisers of the Red Shirts, who exist to counter Bersih are supported by Najib.

The sole message of the Red Shirts is unquestioning loyalty to Najib.

Now that they have adopted increasingly violent and aggressive tactics, resorted to direct racism and religious bigotry and started to cite support from IS in their attacks against Bersih organisers, Najib must publicly refute their behaviour.

Otherwise, what has long been suspected, which is that the Prime Minister is seeking to encourage extremism in return for militant support will be confirmed.

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