Nazri - Racism Is The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz said his speech, where he said a non-Muslim should not be an attorney-general, was merely a reflection of grassroots sentiment.

“What I said about the attorney-general (is) I am stating facts on the ground – that (there is) fear (among) the Malays that probably, if the AG is not a bumi or Malay, then there is a fear of bias.

“And this happened. The case of Adib is a fact,” he told a press conference at Umno’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

Nazri was referring to the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim after sustaining injuries during a riot in November.

[“People can see that the attorney-general and the suspects have the same skin colour, so don’t blame the Malay because they thought the attorney-general is not fair”]

Our comment

Stirring up fear about race is the oldest trick in the book for politicians who have been caught out on matters of dishonesty.

Britain’s legendary Dr Johnson called ‘patriotism [racism] the last refuge of the scoundrel’ over two hundred years ago.

Those still representing provenly corrupt UMNO thus hope to fall back on encouraging an attitude amongst their remaining followers that ‘they may be crooks, but at least they are our crooks’, even though crooks in fact only work for themselves.

Nazri should remember, however, that the crucial votes that kept UMNO/BN in power for decades came from allied parties in East Malaysia (indeed his son’s nice Hummer vehicle was paid for by an East Malaysian political operator) and these folk are not Malay.

East Malaysia and West Malaysia joined on equal terms into the federation and yet people like Nazri persist in voicing a view that East Malaysians, like other minorities, have to be treated as inferior in every way and not to be allowed to hold office, simply because they are not Malay Malaysian as opposed to all the other Malaysian folk.  That was not the deal.

Furthermore, if a non Malay is considered by definition prejudiced as AG or Finance Minister or whatever else, then the logic works both ways, so why should non Malay Malaysians feel they can trust a Malay AG or Finance Minister, especially when such sentiments of prejudice have been expressed?

Nazri seems to be doing his best to split Malaysia and drive the Eastern states into full blown separatist feeling.  He clearly has no conscience in such matters and doesn’t care about how that would harm Malay prosperity, since he is only concerned to stir fear and anger amongst peaceable Malays for his own political purposes.

Meanwhile, the disgraceful attempt to whip up crowd anger about a tragic death of a fire officer is being unbuttoned as the facts of what actually happened start to emerge in the unbiased and professional environment of the Coroner’s court.

Creatures like Nazri are first corrupt and second utterly irresponsible in seeking to protect their corrupted interests by stirring racsim. They are certainly not fit for public office and bring shame upon those they seek to represent.

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