'Others Stayed Quiet' - The Reason Why UMNO Is Finished

Najib said he had accepted “moral responsibility” and that was why he renounced his position as Umno chairperson after BN lost federal power for the first time in over 60 years…

“Yes, our rivals made plenty of false promises but we, too, had our own weaknesses. While I accepted the moral responsibility for our loss by resigning, there were shortcomings at every level of the party.

“I took responsibility, but others stayed quiet. But it’s okay, they don’t have to resign from their posts. If everyone did that, where would the party be?

Our comment

What those UMNO members at lower levels stayed quiet about was the fact that their bosses were plundering the nation on an epic scale.

Over coming weeks and months Malaysians are going to discover just how many billions these kleptocrats were grabbing and it is going to be an unholy, horrible revelation

However, instead of booting out Najib, Zahid and all the rest the folk of UMNO preferred to take the dedak: “I took the money to spend for us” is what Najib has famously been quoted as saying to a meeting of UMNO insiders.  It ought to have prompted a call to the police, instead they kept silent.

For that they too must accept moral responsibility and ought, like Najib to resign their posts and face investigation.  Because, to answer Najib’s question, the party is already at the end of its useful life, thanks to his behaviour and theirs.

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