PM Counts His Audience In Advance!

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will hit the Johor campaign trail with a series of high profile visits to the northern region of the state tomorrow.

He will begin his tour by visiting the Pagoh constituency on Friday, the bastion of his former deputy Muhyiddin Yassin who has served seven terms as the Pagoh MP.

……It would also appear that the event will be a major show of force.

“Not only will 3,000 Felda Maokil settlers be there, there will also be 7,000 Pagoh BN activists and voters there as well,” he said.

Our comment

It seems that Najib knows exactly how many enthusiastic ‘followers’ are going to turn up at his events tomorrow.

This is not just a prediction: his spokesmen confidently proclaim that 3,000 Felda settlers and 7,000 BN activists will be there!

Could this possibly be because the Prime Minister has long since bought and paid for these people to be there and arranged their transportation, picnics and matching T-shirts to be handed out?

One suspects that’s why BN know exactly how many will come, because that is what they have provided for!

In which case, how was this staged event funded?  You can guess that as well – from money filched from the public pocket.

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