Punish The Whipping Boy

The bank chairman arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday has been named as retired army general Abdul Aziz Zainal.

According to a Bernama report, he will be remanded for seven days from today to assist in the investigation into the misappropriation of funds.

Magistrate Nik Isfahanie Tasnim Wan Ab Rahman allowed the application by the MACC to remand the 65-year-old Tan Sri until Sept 5.

Aziz, who heads the board of government-owned Bank Rakyat, was detained over alleged graft and misuse of power, in a case involving a RM15 million book project and a project to upgrade the bank’s IT system.

Our comment

Some warped logic has told the Prime Minister and his new puppet at the head of the MACC that as long as the public sees certain figures punished for corruption they will be reassured.

So they have been loudly moving against whosoever in recent days.

Possibly, this ex-General was someone Najib didn’t particularly get on with in the days when he was Minister of Defence. But, by moving against him he has reminded all and sundry who was taking all the biggest kickbacks when he himself was Minister of Defence.

Corruption is everywhere on a giant scale these days in Malaysia. This is because corruption is instituted from the top and can only be cleaned out top down.

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