Scandalising The Courts

The document states that Apandi is seeking to commit Lim to jail for contempt of court for issuing statements through social and/or print media that he knows or should have known would threaten the administration of justice, undermine public confidence in the judiciary, and insult the dignity and integrity of Malaysian courts.

He is seeking for Lim to pay the costs incurred by the committal proceedings, and any other reliefs deemed fit by the court.

“(This is) to ensure that any action that belittles the court, its judges, and the administration of justice should not be let off easily.

“The public’s trust in the judicial system in Malaysia should be defended, especially when it comes to cases that are still pending in court,” the document read.

It added that the attorney-general has to duty to protect public interest and to ensure that the judiciary and the administration of justice in Malaysia is protected and not ridiculed, insulted, or belittled easily, to the point where there is doubt on whether cases are being adjudicated with fairness and justice.

Our comment

Abuse and interference with the administration of the law is a hallmark of dictatorship.

It is Apandi who has scandalised the courts, not only by his very appointment, which was unconstitutional (Najib has no authority to sack the previous AG) but also by daily abusing the law he is pledged to uphold to support his political boss.

Thus we have an insane situation where the AG refuses to proceed against one politician against, who faces irrefutable evidence that he stole billions from the public and their pension funds and spent it on a billionaire lifestyle, whilst going after another on spurious and subjective allegations that he may have bought his modest house slightly below market price.

The first was the Prime Minister and the second, surprise surprise, is the next opposition leader that Prime Minister wants in jail. So, when that opposition leader makes an understandable protest against such politically motivated abuses Apandi and his boss seek to abuse the law even further by saying that it is Guan Eng who has brought Malaysia and its courts into disrepute and to jail him for it.

No, it is Mr Apandi and his boss the PM who have done that squarely in the eyes of the world.  Of all his disservices to his country it is the perversion of the courts and this habitual abuse of the law to pursue hia corrupt and dictatorial agenda that condemns Najib most.

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