The Net Closes On Jas And The Gang In The US!

Leissner received a six-figure deposit into his account from Jasmine Loo about a year after she had left 1MDB, according to one of the people familiar with the situation. The transfer was made well after the Goldman-backed bond deals had been completed, the person said.

Loo didn’t immediately respond to messages left at her New York apartment building.

Goldman’s other regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Reserve Board, are also reviewing the bank’s activities with 1MDB, said the three people. Representatives from the Fed and SEC declined to comment.

In a previously reported U.S. probe, a kleptocracy unit of the Justice Department has been looking into whether politically connected Malaysians embezzled state funds to buy art and trophy properties in the U.S., people familiar with the probe have said.

Our comment

So, Bloomberg are back hot on the case as Najib’s list of “conspirators to defame him” gets longer and longer.

The people mentioned in this article are all old quarries of Sarawak Report, which has traced the jet-setting lives of the likes of Jasmine Loo and Tim Leissner for months and years.

Now it turns out that Ms Loo, who seems to have earned fantastic sums for her work at 1MDB, passing money into the buy out of UBG Group for a start, was investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in banker Tim Leissner’s start-up business.

He shouldn’t have accepted money from such a compromised source, linked to a business for which his own bank had raised billions…… should he?

And it seems that all that art work we have noted being bought and sold by the likes of Jho Low is also now under scrutiny…. and a whole lot more, we suspect, in the way of cars and properties across the globe.

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