The Truth Is The Atomic Bomb Of Media Warfare

 The armed forces’ veterans organisation has classified Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s admission that Pakatan Harapan has sought the assistance of the foreign media to raise issues related to 1MDB as a potential national security threat.

In a statement, the organisation’s national executive council, said “We feel that such actions can threaten national security and the good image of the nation among other countries.

“Such continued action can threaten national security and economic growth which would lead to Malaysians suffering as a whole regardless of their political leanings.

“We urge that the irresponsible action of tarnishing the country’s good image and name be stopped immediately because it would crush the harmony and peace we have built together.

“Let internal politics remain within the country and be free of foreign intervention,” added the council……

Among others, Mahathir was accused of enlisting the foreign media such as Sarawak Report (and its editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown) to achieve his agenda.

The 1MDB scandal erupted in 2015 after the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Reportpublished about the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s personal accounts, which was linked to 1MDB.

Our comment

To use an analogy these army veterans might understand, the Truth represents the Atomic Bomb in the battle for public opinion.

Najib may employ thousands of cyber-troopers, engage dozens of political agencies, pour out propaganda from controlled media and distribute billions in bribes.  However, a small voice that tells the truth can outpower all of these and smash the lies and cover-ups, by explaining facts that can be clearly understood.

Sarawak Report’s coverage has not been hired.  It is simply a single blog written out of disgust over the corruption of the present Malaysian regime and the damage and misery this has caused to innocent peoples and a beautiful place on the planet.

We set out to show those people the reason why so much dysfunctional bad government has taken place: the reason being that decision-makers like Najib have been running things to enrich themselves rather than benefit the nation.

We wonder why these ‘spokesmen for veterans’ consider this to be dangerous to anyone besides those who are telling lies?

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