There Was Always Someone Who Would Try This Ridiculous Spin!

Saudi Arabian King Salman Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s visit to Malaysia has put to rest the opposition’s slander regarding the RM2.6 billion donation for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Previously, there was a leader who said that even a mad Arab would not give such a colossal sum. But the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth that the RM2.6 billion was a donation from the Saudi royal family.

“I am certain the donation was given based on Najib’s efforts and achievements in upholding Islam in Malaysia and globally,” academic Hanafiah Harun told Umno Online.

The associate professor at UiTM said if it was true that Najib had slandered the Saudi royal family to cover up his wrongdoings, King Salman would not have set foot in Malaysia.

The royal family, he pointed out, would not have been silent on the matter either.

“So it is clear that all the issues which emerged regarding the RM2.6 billion were cooked up by outsiders, which the opposition in Malaysia disseminated to soil Najib’s credibility,” he added.

Hanafiah said the opposition continued to harp on the matter despite the prime minister having repeatedly explained it.

Our comment

Unfortunately for Najib, no one can seriously believe this anymore, so he should quit trying to pretend these various huge sums were ‘gifts’ (illegal in themselves).

Why has this toady academic failed to mention the brave Malaysian soldiers, who are presently in Saudi Arabia helping fight its wars?

What thought does this flunky give for the axiety of their families back home?

This was the reason for the Saudi King’s visit and let us hope that Najib’s efforts to suck up to the Middle East does not lose Malaysian lives.

Meanwhile his statement “the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth” of course lacks logic or explanation.

When other leaders visit Malaysia it is not because they gave Najib a billion dollars and when he visits other countries it is not because he gave the leader a billion dollars.

Unfortunately for Najib, this is one of the world’s biggest corrruption cases, so yes, not only will the opposition continue harping on about it, but so will global law enforcers who are busy closing in on the RM2.6 bn …. and indeed all the additional payments that have now been identified going into Najib’s accounts from SRC, Blackstone Asia (BVI) etc….

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