Treason Versus Slander

Multimedia and Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak has issued a warning against the leaks in government information spotlighted by Sarawak Report’srevelations on the auditor-general’s report on 1MDB.

“It is alarming that not only have confidential information been sold but that some of it have been altered or doctored in the effort to sensationalise the issue,” claimed Salleh in a statement on his blog last night.

“The main question would be what else and even more damaging information have also been sold that we are not aware of.

“And this puts the security of the nation at risk and this is nothing short of an act of treason,” he said.

He said this lent credence to rumours of an alleged entity called the ‘Anti-Najib Campaign’ (ANC), purportedly armed with “RM2 billion funding” to attack Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak….


Critics have urged the government to declassify the report in light of the Sarawak Report leaks.

Salleh said claims regarding the purported ANC and its “RM600 million set aside to finance the media and online war” have never been denied.

“The 20-month onslaught against Prime Minister Najib Razak using both foreign plus local blogs and news agencies to play up the 1MDB issue as the catalyst to try to oust Najib without a doubt costs a lot of money,” he said.

Our comment

Sarawak Report has no idea if there is an “Anti-Najib Campaign”, as described by Mr Salleh, since he doesn’t appear to understand the point of bringing evidence to substantiate his various claims.

However, we can confirm that we are not part of such a group, have no knowledge of any money, have received no money and have paid nothing for this information.

He has once again slandered us by saying so. And by alleging that no one would ever do the decent thing, except in return for money, he reflects only on the type of person that he plainly is himself.

Mr Salleh has ludicrously attempted meanwhile to have his cake and eat it, by acknowledging there has been a leak of genuine information, while claiming it has been “doctored”!

Perhaps he might care to provide examples of this “doctoring” and also explain why Sarawak Report would bother to doctor a leaked document, which was evidently so damaging anyway that his boss had to make an Official Secret out of it, just days after the Auditor General himself had promised it would be shortly published in accordance with the law?

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