Wasted Energy

Following the breakdown in seat negotiations, DAP and PKR, though allies in the opposition coalition, resolved to battle each other in six seats, and engaged in public verbal jousting.

But candidates from both parties were defeated in all the seats, and in some constituencies, their combined tallies had fallen short of the BN candidates’ votes.

This led observers to suggest that it could have been a backlash from opposition supporters vexed over the rift.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali however has chosen not to indulge in a blame game and called on the opposition parties to close ranks instead.

“This is not the time for recrimination but for reflection,” he said in a media statement.

“Although PKR maintained its seats, DAP’s defeat is our defeat. In fact, the defeat of any member of the coalition is a defeat for PKR.


Our comment

Azmin is, of course, right.

Onlookers were all bemused as to why these characters were wasting their energy arguing over who would have the privilege of losing, instead of doing whatever it took to win.

In order to win a party needs to show that it has the maturity to put the people’s interests before any candidate’s personal ego.

Then that party concentrates on tackling the real problems of the political battle ahead, which in this case was cheating, bribery, gerrymandering, abuse of power, intimidation and a good deal more.

Given those huge obstacles, the opposition should not overly chastise themselves therefore. Even if Adenan had not gained a single vote he and Najib would nevertheless have announced a ‘win’.

But, for the future let’s hope these parties give the corrupt BN establishment a better run for their money!

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