We Are Gangsters!

The federal and Sarawak governments must be in the same ‘gang’ to ensure continued development for the state, said Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

As such, he said, he was working hard to help his ‘gang member’ Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem to win the 11th Sarawak state election on May 7.

Najib was speaking at the launch of the 76.2km Simpang Bitangor-Sg Kua alignment of Sarawak Pan Borneo Highway Project near the Durin Bridge, Sibu today.

He urged the people in the state not to be fooled by the ‘Sarawak Dream’ of the opposition as it was merely propaganda.


Our comment

Never was a truer word said.  Najib is the head gangster and Adenan is a signed up member and no one in Sarawak should forget it.

The Pan Borneo Highway is an excellent example of this, since these two gangsters have given a great chunk of the profits to their henchman Bustari Yusof, who has filched a secretive role as intermediary over all the contracts.

Bustari is the money-bags for their party PBB

Gangsterism is a major problem for the people in Sarawak, who are terrorised by thugs engaged in land grabs, timber grabs and plantation grabs, so Najib could not have chosen a more insensitive analogy – even if it was an entirely accurate representation of his political party.

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