Why Are You Shaking Your Fist Yunis?

The upcoming Himpunan Merah rally will feature some 40 percent Chinese Malaysian participation, pledge rally organiser Jamal Mohd Yunus.

The Umno Sungai Besar division leader conceded that group’s previous rally in September last year attracted a Malay-only crowd, but said this issue has been addressed.

“The difference with the rally this time around is that we have an understanding between Malays, Chinese, and Indians, and this time we will come together, unlike before…

“I have discussed this for nearly two weeks, so there won’t be any problems and I am confident that if the rally is to go ahead, 40 percent of the participants would be Chinese.

“We have discussed; we have prepared. We are serious in this matter and not just fooling around,” he told reporters today.

As of noon today, he claimed, some 58,000 people have pledged support to the Himpunan Merah movement, along with nearly 600 NGOs nationwide.

He added that 50,000 Himpunan Merah t-shirts, have already been printed, 5,000 of which will begin distribution today at RM10 each. A nationwide roadshow will also be held to promote its cause.

Our comment

Red Shirt symbolism is all about anger and aggression – they have adopted the colour of blood and on the T Shirts have appeared racist pictures of slaughter and mayhem.

Leadership types like Yunis tend to be photographed raising their fists and shouting, teeth bared.

Quite an act for a bunch of chaps who are funded by Najib.

But, all in all their rallying cry sucks.  They are there to attack those who are calling for clean elections!  They are shouting at and intimidating people who are merely asking for corruption to be cleared!

Does this mean they are in favour of dirty elections and corruption?

Red Shirts claim that in democracies people must accept the results of dirty elections and have no right to exercise their right to protest or express their opinions openly.  So, it is Yunis who needs to learn about the basics of the democratic process, which have so far plainly escaped his limited understanding.

Indeed these paid up protestors are so ridiculous and unpleasant that they do not deserve to be reported, except to inform about the sorts of thugs that Najib is willing to sponsor, in order to disrupt the democratic right of people to call for an end to corrupt and lawless government.

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