You Can't Be 80% A Thief And A Liar!

In a media statement this evening titled, ‘You can’t be 80% pregnant, Pua’, 1MDB urged the PAC member to “switch off the political rhetoric”.

Shockingly, having signed off without reservation on the PAC report, he is now seeking to backpedal and question the contents of the report, saying he is only 80 percent satisfied.

“1MDB has provided to the National Audit Department all documents in its possession. It has also explained to the department why other documents could not be procured.

“Pua knows this and yet persists with his recycled ranting,” it added.

1MDB pointed out that the consensus report is a comprehensive and conclusive document.

Apart from this, the firm noted that PAC has asked the relevant enforcement agencies to further investigate certain matters.

“Pua now needs to respect the collective will of the PAC, switch off the political rhetoric and allow the lawful authorities to do their job,” it said.

Our comment

What is shocking is the brass neck of these 1MDB brigands, whose Board has just resigned in shame over their activities.

The PAC recommended their former CEO be investigated by the police and remonstrated that the present management have refused to show the company’s bank statements (concerning borrowed public money, unfortunately guaranteed by the taxpayer) to either them or the Auditor General.

Who are these shamed and proven liars to take Tony Pua to task in a vulgar fashion for “recycled ranting”?

People like the managers at 1MDB are the sort who tell themselves that they are “untouchable” and that “change can never happen”, by which they mean that the thieves in charge can never be brought to book.

A study of history would have told them (as plainly they are ignorant) that the opposite is the case.

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