"Clare's dogged (and to some, more that a little annoying) persistence and an incredible nose for the fishy stuff, uncovered the heist of the century.  The explosive exposés  rocked the nation, and precipitated the fall of the Malaysian government for the first time in 60 years."
Tony Pua, Member of Parliament for Damansara, Malaysia

Investigating the deforestation of Sarawak, Borneo, and the dispossession of its people, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown followed a trail of corruption that led her to the heart of Malaysian politics and to Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. Determined that the public should know the truth, she started a blog, which became Malaysia's go-to news outlet for information that the government was trying to suppress – and whistleblowers wanted to get out. She was soon running a radio station too...

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Perhaps PAS Should Practise What It Preaches?

Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad should stop “slandering” PAS and reveal his coalition’s source of funding, the party said today.

Deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said that he is baffled by Harapan’s approach to campaigning for the 14th general election, by claiming that PAS is being paid by Umno to defeat the coalition.

“Is this because he (Mahathir) feels that the anticipated ‘Malay tsunami’ is moving towards PAS, which is corruption-free?

“The claim (that Umno gave PAS money) is a shallow one that has no other intention than to confuse and ‘steal’ the rakyat’s votes using dirty tactics,” he said in a statement.

According to Tuan Ibrahim, Mahathir cannot accept PAS as the party has been graft-free since he was the prime minister, and because the component parties in the coalition he currently leads are also “embroiled in corruption.”

“It is unfortunate that the rakyat has to put up with this disgusting, uncivilised political culture.

“What lesson is Harapan trying to teach the rakyat?” he asked.

Instead of continuing his “slanderous” comments against PAS, Tuan Ibrahim said, Mahathir should instead answer the question put forth by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang about Harapan’s own source of funding.

“Where is Harapan getting the funds for the general election from? Where does Mahathir get the money from, to fly here and there, on private jets? Who is funding him?

“If he is a friend of Mahathir, who is he? Please reveal the person, instead of just slandering PAS,” said Tuan Ibrahim.

Our comment

What the Deputy President of PAS is saying is perfectly logical.  Sarawak Report has long argued in favour of transparency in terms of political funding in Malaysia, which is the democratic norm.

He has laid down a great challenge to Harapan.

But, how come PAS itself has failed totally to ask its own acknowledged potential ‘coalition partner’ BN to reveal the identity of the so-called ‘Arab Royal’, who put over a billion dollars into the private account of Najib Razak?

Equally, and far more pertinently, how come PAS has itself refused to give the name of the ‘individual’ whom it has now been forced to admit walked into a KL branch of Islamic Bank on 21st March and put RM2.5 million in cash (from a suitcase) into the party’s election accounts?

Sarawak Report is therefore left utterly ‘baffled’ by the double standards of these preachers from PAS.

Perhaps PAS could work harder to explain why they think that what should apply to others ought not apply to them?

Promises Are Cheap To Make And Cheap To Break

Caretaker deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has offered a RM25 million allocation for the Sungai Petani parliamentary and three state constituencies if the Barisan Nasional (BN) wins all the seats in the 14th general election (GE14).

He said from the amount RM10 million would be specially allocated to the Sungai Petani parliamentary constituency for the construction of a 2,000-capacity hall and sports complex.

He said the Pantai Merdeka, Bakar Arang and Sidam state constituencies would be given RM5 million each.

“I feel sorry for the Sungai Petani voters for having to endure the heat under this tent. With an air-conditioned hall we won’t have to suffer like this.

Our comment

SR feels sorry for Sungai Petani voters if they believe they will get the sports hall if BN wins. Forget it.

Sarawak is criss crossed with non-existent roads promised before elections, along with non-existent schools and hospitals.

If Zahid cared about a sports hall for these folk, his party has had 60 years to build it. Harapan is more likely to show gratitude than this bunch of self-entitled thieves, who are willing to do or say anything so they can get back into power and make themselves richer still – like the life-long politician Zahid, who brags how he has simultaneously become rich through business.

It seems an aside to add that it is illegal to offer election bribes of this nature.  When the election is over the truth is there will be no money to spend on luxuries for ordinary folk. It has all been squandered on Najib’s corruption and it is they who will have to pay the price.

If Police Can Vote For Who They Like, So Can People Given RM2,000 'Donation' By BN

Police personnel have the right to cast their ballots for the party of their choice, said inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

He also assured that their votes would be secret.

“We do not determine which party they can vote for. All votes are secret and this is definitely something we practise within the force

“They (the personnel) will decide, it is their right to vote for the party they choose,” he was quoted as saying by the Star Online.

Fuzi revealed that the police have 111,702 early voters, with 5,660 at the federal headquarters of Bukit Aman, and 106,042 in the respective states nationwide.

Our comment

In places like Sabah (location of the ‘Integrated Medical City’ that never was) sums of RM2,000 are apparently being handed out to voters by BN.  We all know what the condition on the money is.

Evidence shows that this is money stolen from the public.  It comes from the pensions that people will be expecting when they retire, except they will later find the money has all gone and they and their children will have been betrayed by a kleptocrat who has lost control, like a mad gambler in the casino, who just wants to ‘win’.

Najib is buying voters with their own money.  They should take the money but heed what the heads of the navy and now police have now told their officers, which is they can vote how they like and be reassured no one will ever know.

If the police can vote for the opposition they can hardly arrest anyone who broke BN’s dirty promise in return for money rightfully theirs in the first place.

Shahrizat Feeds A Lot!

Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil today urged former Umno leaders to show gratitude to the party instead of attacking the current crop of leaders.

Without naming anyone, Shahrizat told a BN gathering in Marang, Terengganu, today that the “pensioners” who are now joining forces with the opposition did not have the interest of the party at heart.

“Why are they trying to rob BN of its power and overthrow the government?

Astaghfirullahalhazim. Is the government of today that bad? Is anyone starving to death? Is there anyone without a future? That is the question,” she said.

In recent weeks, Shahrizat’s predecessor Rafidah Aziz has been routinely criticising Umno leader Najib Abdul Razak.

Since Monday, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin has also been participating in Pakatan Harapan ceramah functions, openly urging the public to vote against BN.

Our comment

Shahrizat for one is clearly not starving; she plainly feeds lots.

But, it is interesting that she considers lack of starvation to death as a reasonable benchmark for BN to take pride in after six decades with their hands on the tiller (or more accurately, in the till).

Health, a home, education, jobs, human rights are plainly icing on the cake for lowly voters in Shahrizat’s frankly bovine mind.

Even so, the awful truth is that in many places in Malaysia people are in fact starving.  Most particularly in the indigenous regions of Borneo, where people who once lived off the jungle have been left surving on rations after her party has helped plunder from the riches of their lands and made itself rich in the process.

Frequently even these rations have been raided by middlemen.

As Shahrizat steps across from her fancy election platform to her air-conditioned car and then on to her fancy houses, moaning about being “robbed of power”, why should she remember victims like these?

Onn May 9th others ought make sure to remind her – Moooo!

How Much Longer Must Malaysians Put Up With Nonsense?

It is irresponsible and reprehensible for an alleged investigation by Swiss prosecutors to be twisted and framed as an inquiry into 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and its shareholder.

“1MDB notes a news report on the launch of an alleged investigation by Swiss prosecutors relating to a Saudi Arabian oil company, and reportedly relating to Swiss citizens and the Swiss banking system.

“There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by 1MDB or any of its officials. So, it is irresponsible and reprehensible for the action to be twisted and framed as an inquiry into 1MDB and its shareholder,” 1MDB said in a statement here, today.

The fund also stated in the strongest possible terms that it was not the subject of any criminal investigation either in Malaysia or internationally.

1MDB requested all parties to refrain from politicising any alleged investigation by the Swiss authorities on non-Malaysian nationals, and, during this sensitive general election period, desist from trying to create links to it for political gain.

Our comment

This continuing shameful use of Malaysia’s official channels to produce announcements that are bald and blatant lies is doing untold damage to the country’s reputation worldwide.

Every institution is now being dragged through the mud, purely to get one spoilt brat off the hook for the umpteenth time after a life of scrapes from which he has been rescued owing to his position as a son of an ex PM.

Courts have been suborned, police have turned blind eyes, civil servants and officials forced to lie all to get Najib out of trouble, time and again. Port Dickson, Altantuya, Scorpene, PI Bala, AmBank, 1MDB, Felda, Hussein Najadi, Kevin Morais… time and again scandals are not being investigated fully as they get too near Najib.

Meanwhile, the same institutions are abused to pursue his enemies and deny black is white. Malaysia needs rid of this spoilt inheriter of an office he has disgraced.

Who Is Jamal's Criminal Donor?

GE14 Sungai Besar BN chief Jamal Md Yunos has promised Sekinchan fisherfolk RM2,000 each if the coalition wins the state seat in the 14th general election.

Speaking to about 800 fisherfolk yesterday, he stood on stage as he announced the “incentive” and urged the audience to stop supporting DAP incumbent Ng Suee Lim, who is seeking a fourth term.

“Give the BN candidate from MCA in Sekinchan a win! Once he wins, ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to redeem RM2,000 from me afterwards…..

‘I’m serious about the cash, I have a donor’

Jamal stressed that he was serious about the RM2,000, and revealed that he had a “donor” backing his efforts.

“I am not lying… once Lee wins in Sekinchan, you can come here and we will hold an event for all, as I have a donor.

Our comment

No prizes for guessing who Najib’s Red Shirt bully buddy’s ‘donor’ is…… if you thought we meant Najib, of course you are wrong.

The donors are the fishermen themselves!

Najib has stolen billions from them and from the rest of Malaysian taxpayers and he is now handing back a measley RM250 to these poor folk, followed by a promised RM2k should BN win (allegedly).

Most of the stolen money has of course gone to Najib, then people like Jamal to dish out.

It goes without saying that Jamal ought to be reported, arrested and then charged (a job for the opposition) Meanwhile, the fisherfolk should realise that no one is going to be able to prove whom they voted for (without admitting they are criminals) so they should vote for the opposition and then claim the money (if there is any) from BN.

Another Last Minute Election Promise For BN To Break!

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak promised on Tuesday to raise the minimum wage this year if he wins the May 9 general election, adding to a raft of promises to voters as he faces a resurgent opposition.

Najib’s former mentor, Mahathir Mohamad, now leads an opposition alliance united in the goal of unseating the prime minister and his Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, which has ruled since the country gained independence from the British in 1957.

Najib told a Labour Day rally that he would raise the minimum wage from the current 1,000 ringgit ($255) per month in peninsular Malaysia and 920 ringgit in the eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak, if his coalition wins the polls.

“So if you want the minimum wage rate to be raised, you know what to do. Do we have a deal?” he said to cheers from some 2,000 people gathered at the rally.

Najib also announced 200 million ringgit for a skilled workers programme, an additional 60 million ringgit allocation for an insurance plan for retrenched workers and better maternity benefits for private sector workers.

Our comment

This is a brilliant promise for a Government to make, since it forces others to pay – like businesses and anyone who hires staff.

But, what are all Najib’s cronies going to think about it?

Probably not a lot, since BN has been in power for 60 years and he is only promising this hike one week before the election.  People ought to stop to think of all the other promises made by BN that never happened and realise this one won’t either!

The only certainty about voting BN is that a dangerous thief will then be back in power with his hands on all the public’s remaining savings and the power to borrow billions that the public will have to pay back.

Some of those stolen billions are being used to hand out to voters right now at every election gathering as dirty cash is handed out, sometimes in envelopes by the candidates, sometimes just grubby from the hand.

Najib is treating voters like children receiving pocket money, when in fact he has stolen their own money and is handing just a bit back to disguise the fact that one day they will discover their bank accounts are empty.

Anifah Confirms SR's CHOGM News, But Calls It Untrue!

Anifah slams Sarawak Report article:  Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman has issued a strong rebuttal to an article in Sarawak Report.

In a statement on Sunday, Anifah explained that the article, titled “UK calls on Malaysia to accept election monitoring and condemns fake news and boundary law” tries to take advantage of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s non-appearance at the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

The article claimed that Malaysia has ruled itself out from assuming the chairmanship of the Commonwealth in 2020.

“Let me underscore a point that is evident to all, no sane political leader in a democratic society will leave their countries less than three weeks before general election, for any meeting abroad,” Anifah said.

As for hosting the CHOGM in 2020, Anifah clarified that as Malaysia is to host the Apec Summit and its related meetings that year, Malaysia stepped aside willingly with the preference of hosting CHOGM in the future.

Much was made of the responses given by the British Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field, to its parliament on matters such as the Anti-Fake News Act and the redelineation of the electoral boundaries, as well as the role of external election monitors.

Anifah pointed out the Act was supported by 123 Members of Parliament, including 10 from the Opposition, with 64 voting against.

“This shows that while the preponderance of the duly-elected representatives of the people believe in the importance of the right to freedom of expression, there must be limits on this right and that it should not be abused to spread fake or unverified news,” he said.

As the last redelineation exercise was held 15 years ago, Anifah said the EC was merely carrying out its constitutional responsibility to review and recommend changes to ensure balanced populations between constituencies.

He said contrary to the Sarawak Report‘s claim that Najib has consistently refused to allow external observers, the EC has invited observers from 14 countries.

The article said Field was concerned about how the Anti-Fake News Act was passed, and Anifah hoped he could clarify the following statement, which the portal alleged he made: “We are monitoring developments closely, working with EU and other foreign partners and stand ready to make any necessary representations”.

If the statement was indeed made, Anifah had the following to say to Field and others of the same mind.

“Malaysian democracy is to be monitored by the Malaysian electorate, and the Malaysian electorate alone. To assume that anyone else has the right, ability and competence is an insult to each and every Malaysian voter. In Malaysia, as in other democracy, the will of the voter is supreme,” said Anifah.

If the Sarawak Report and the West chooses to believe otherwise, he added, they are entitled to their own opinion.

“But I choose to believe in the inherent intelligence and good sense in the average Malaysian voter in my constituency of Kimanis and elsewhere.

“And that on May 9, these attributes will lead them to again to support Barisan Nasional as their choice of government,” he concluded.

Our comment

Whilst pouring out a string of varying excuses, the timber tycoon foreign minister has kindly confirmed every point of Sarawak Report’s newsbreaking story, published Friday.

Malaysia HAS stepped down as Chair of CHOGM 2020; Najib DID make a last minute decision not to join the Commonwealth Heads of Government and the UK’s foreign minister DID visit KL the previous week and then express concerns about the conduct of the election and ‘Fake News’ law,

As for Malaysia accepting external monitors, the minister entirely contradicts himself during the same remarks. On the one hand he claims SR is wrong to say Najib has resisted monitoring and there WILL be external monitors in the election, from 14 countries, but on the other hand he thunders:

“Malaysian democracy is to be monitored by the Malaysian electorate, and the Malaysian electorate alone. To assume that anyone else has the right, ability and competence is an insult to each and every Malaysian voter.”

Which is it?  Certainly, Najib is on record saying “The chances of cheating are non-existent..They (PH) had to complain to foreign powers so that the end result can be questioned. They just want to raise controversy,

So, will the minister be taking the next step of prosecuting Sarawak Report for ‘Fake News’ on the grounds that although each and every point of our report is now conceded to be true, he reckons that it casts an ‘untrue’ negative interpretation over the actions of his boss?

Probably not on this occasion, since the minister appears to admit that Sarawak Report is backed by “the West” in opposing BN’s approach to these matters, which would make quite a hefty case for the prosecution to undertake.  What he actually says is remarkable:

“If the Sarawak Report and the West chooses to believe otherwise, they are entitled to their own opinion” is what he told The Star.

So, there we have it!  If we are entitled to our opinions what is the point of all this nonsense about ‘Fake News’ and his own pompous claims that BN is entitled to limit the public’s right to free expression?

It seems BN are not just falling apart as a coherent voice, but its individual leaders are falling apart as well, saying one thing one moment and another the next as they struggle to justify the unjustifiable actions of the kleptocrat in charge.

The judges may choose to cancel this bonkers party for being illegal.  Voters must surely vote it out as unfit to govern?

Some Plain Speaking About Rosmah

Yesterday, Nurul Izzah issued an apology after Rosmah said she felt slighted by the former calling her by her name rather than an honorific.

“Honestly, if I had inadvertently called her just by her name, I apologise. I have always done my best to address her by Datin Seri,” she told Malaysiakini.

Nurul also revealed that her mother, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, and Rosmah had both attended the Tunku Kurshiah College in Seremban.

Speaking to BN women members in Lembah Pantai – where Nurul Izzah is the incumbent MP – Rosmah had said that she was friends with Wan Azizah and frequented the family home in the past.

Their husbands, jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, were once allies in Umno.

Our comment

Nurul is entitled to apologise, a sign that she is a well mannered individual, who would not wish to show disrespect to a woman who is unmistakably considerably older than herself (despite the millions of taxpayers’ ringgit expended on attempting to look otherwise) and who clearly puts a lot of stock by the titles she has managed to swing.

On the other hand, Malaysia is a democracy (still… just) and not an absolute monarchy, so the people (and commentators) can refer to Rosmah how they like, because she may be ‘Datin Seri’, but they are her husband’s theoretical boss (even if she is his real boss).

They would with accuracy be entitled to call her a major thief, a cheat, dangerous, jealous, plug ugly, greedy in all respects, nonetheless pitfully vain and disrespectful of the truth and the rights of others.

Also, she’s a hypocrite. After all, this is the woman whose husband’s main election stance involves positively mocking a senior and more successful politician for nothing more than being…. old!

But, Malaysians ought bear one thing in mind. If they vote back Najib, thereby letting Rosie off the hook on all her crimes, then soon enough, anyone who doesn’t call her by sufficient titles and go grovelling to her on bended knee can expect to have their heads chopped off under Hudud Law!