Royal Blunder?

Royal Blunder?

Najib must have been searching for places to look. Even the floral decorations were yellow!

The Palace will surely be running an enquiry into the shockingly embarrassing faux pas on the part of the Queen when she met the Prime Minister Najib yesterday.

How could Her Majesty have been allowed to make such an appalling blunder?

There could not be a more glaringly bright garment in the royal wardrobe. Brilliant, daffodil yellow! From head to toe!

If Her Majesty had worn this on the streets of KL the previous week, she would have been arrested! No question about it!

Briefing Failure?

The Queen has teams of advisors who brief her and carefully plan all her state occasions. How could they have failed to inform her of the biggest story coming out of Malaysia and repeated in the UK the past few days?

She MUST have been informed of the sensitivity of the colour yellow? If not, as we say in the UK, “heads must roll”

Unless of course, Her Majesty did it on purpose?

Squirming embarrassment - the pictures that could not be hidden

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