Anwar Ibrahim's Interview With Sky's Adam Boulton

Anwar Ibrahim's Interview With Sky's Adam Boulton

Sarawak Report has obtained a copy of Anwar Ibrahim’s prime time interview last week with Sky TV’s Adam Boulton.

The interview was broadcast on Sky News Tonight, the channel’s flagship evening news show at 8.30pm on Thursday 16th October, during the Malaysian opposition leader’s brief visit to London.

[vimeo 109688986 w=640]

Unfortunately Mr Ibrahim had to cancel other prime time interview offers, including a top slot at the BBC, when he was forced to cut short his visit and return back to Malaysia at short notice.

It has now emerged that the Federal Court ruling on his prosecution for sodomy will be announced on 28th of the month.  Anwar had originally been found innocent after a prolonged trial by the High Court, which ruled there was no evidence on which the convict the opposition leader.

However, in a surprise move, shortly after his PR coalition won a majority of the popular vote in the ensuing general election, prosecutors appealed the acquittal.

The Appeal Court ruled against the High Court judgement in a lightening half hour sitting, sentencing the opposition leader to 5 years in prison.  Anwar appealed against that ruling to the final arbiter, which is the Federal Court.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors also appealed to the Federal Court on the basis that the sentence was not long enough!

The homophobic nature of these charges and the clear political motivations behind this trial have stirred considerable international interest and have further tarnished Malaysia’s earlier reputation as a moderate and liberal Muslim state.


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