Remember How Malaysia’s BN Elite Are Happy To Take Slaves From North Korea

Kudos to Malaysia’s law enforcement officers, who got rapidly to the bottom of the North Korean assassination case last month – just as they got to the bottom of other cases such as 1MDB.

Now the familiar crackdown begins, as Parliamentarians are told they cannot discuss the matter by the very people they are supposed to hold to account, i.e. Ministers.

Of course, North Korea is a particularly scary and difficult place to deal with and there are some Malaysian citizens at risk behind its borders, so treading carefully with this ally of Malaysia’s new economic boss makes sense.  That boss is China, which bailed Najib out of his 1MDB debt crisis through a corruptly inflated construction contract.

A diplomatic fudge can be expected soon and if that means ignoring much of the detective work of Malaysia’s law enforcers and allowing perpetrators to be let scott free no one should be surprised.

North Korea’s slaves are making BN masters rich

Meanwhile, everyone has known for decades just what North Korea’s terrible regime is like and how it treats its people.  Generally acknowledged for holding the worst human rights record on the planet this horrible government willingly trades its people as slaves to anyone who will take on the super-cheap labour.

Malaysia under this present government has been one of the few countries to have done so and has been publicly shamed by the UN for exploiting North Korean slave labour in coal mines in Sarawak in particular.

So BN should refrain from attempting to take any moral high-ground out of this crisis.  Malaysia is also one of the few countries that allows relatively free visa access to North Korea (which makes the acquiring of all that super-cheap labour all the easier) and this was one reason why the deadly murder events took place in KL’s own international airport.

There is a key shocking aspect to the use of these slaves in Malaysia.  When the ‘Lucky Hill’ coal mine disaster occured in Sarawak and scores of North Korean slave workers were killed or injured, Sarawak Report discovered that the directors and shareholders of this company were, predictably, family members of BN’s political elite, who had handed themselves the concession and then were using slaves from abroad to exploit it.

Not only were the Taib family well stuck into this lucrative coal project, but the other major shareholder was the brother of Abang Johari, who is now Sarawak’s new Chief Minister.

BN politicians may try to earn plaudits now by fronting up Pyongyang, but they have exploited the situation with that dreadful regime to put money in their pockets for years and years, thereby opening up Malaysian territory to the sort of murderous activity that occured at KL International Airport.

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