Enough Grounds!

Crooked IGP Khalid can rarely open his mouth in public without demonstrating both his stupidity and his ignorance. In yet another demonstration of this he said, concerning unfortunate student Aishah, that we have enough evidence to arrest her.

In view of the fact that she has been, unlawfully, detained under SOSMA, which does not need or disclose evidence, his statement is just his usual muddled rubbish. Not only does it reflect his stupidity and entire unsuitability to head the PDRM but it also further damns the reputation of that Force.

Of course she was not arrested for seditious activity but for open opposition to the arch criminal Najib Razak, Khalid’s boss, and paymaster. In BN’s Malaysia it is forbidden to criticise the government or any member of it. That is Aishah’s actual “offence”. Not an offence but a democratic right accepted in any true democracy.

But Malaysia is no longer a democracy. It is a kleptocratic dictatorship kept in place by bribery of corrupt MPs and terrorism by a latter day Gestapo in the shape of the PDRM. Its days are, happily, numbered and arch thief Najib will soon have to answer in courts outside his kleptocracy for his innumerable crimes, both in connection with public money and against fellow citizens. As will his heavyweight partner Rosmah and her criminal son.

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