What a moment for Malaysia!

A great watershed has been crossed in the country’s history and thanks to the efforts and sheer determination of the people of this nation, the country has escaped a dark trajectory into a tyranny that beckoned and is returned firmly onto the path of the rule of law.

That was the key commitment made today by the veteran Prime Minister, who has fought his way back into office, despite every form of last minute skullduggery available in the BN Election Cookbook.

Dr Mahathir is old enough to understand that the rule of law is the greatest gift available to any nation and from this alone comes happiness and prosperity for the people. Yet that basic quest seemed an almost impossible dream a ‘lifetime ago’ on Wednesday morning, as forces of greed and cronyism with their hands on the levers of absolute power did their utmost coordinated best to snatch this last election chance from under the noses of the Rakyat.

The tactics were ruthless, dangerous and divisive. Communities were encouraged to rival, fear and despise each other after years of peace and harmony and corrupt practices reached an apex.

However, Malaysians had come to understand the danger.  They had become aware of the perils of deep corruption, mafia government and arbitrary abuses of due process to suit the powerful cabal in control of Malaysia’s executive.

The centralisation had crept further and further as a result of decades of uninterrupted rule and then this extraordinary position of power had fallen into the hands of a couple unfit to lead. Criminal, covertous and without conscience.

Faced with evidence of their own corruption, tainted with the whiff even of murder on their watch, the Bonnie & Clyde of Malaysian politics had for the past three years ridden a coach and horses through Malaysia’s remaining institutions and checks and balances.

Parliament was told to shut up by appointed nincompoops; a platoon of third rate ministers said one thing one day another the next; the courts were increasingly pressured and unreliable under an appointed henchman; the respected police force traduced into a protection racket; the rulers stroked into silence; the country’s fund managers and central bankers turned into blind monkeys and a puppet Attorney General allowed and disallowed prosecutions at Najib’s pleasure.

What was patently black, was daily described as white by lying minions, despatched to tell tall tales for cash.

And how this tightening circle of goons gloried in the misplaced predictions of just about every ‘think tank’, pollster and ‘expert’ on the planet, who said that with all these powers BN could not but fail to win GE14.

This blog, brave online media and an unbelievably courageous team of opposition politicians dared to think the opposite.  We put our trust in the good sense of the so-called silent majority, who could see the appalling consequences of allowing further governance by a ruthless circle of self-interested politicians, who had descended into criminality under the leadership of a man without a moral compass.

Had Najib clawed his way back into power he would have done everything he could to shore up his powers and protect himself against the discovery of all his transgressions.  Already the toady Azalina had warned of an even more draconian ‘Fake News Law’ – she was booted out of her seat by angry voters, along with the whole team of lying cheerleaders, who have driven the country mad for years with their foolish statements – Dahlan, Salleh, Johari, Jaslan all kicked out!

By the time this election was finally called, the country had got the measure of Najib/Rosmah from top to bottom.  Individuals held their counsel during these threatening times, with Red Shirts snarling on the streets and abitrary prosecutions at every turn.

However, Malaysia has its real leaders, who stepped forward to make extraordinary sacrifices and to offer the people hope. Prime Minister in waiting, Anwar Ibrahim, who has spent five years in jail, suffering disgraceful injustice rather than do what almost any other in his situation would have done – escape.

A team of doughty, brave, determined younger politicians, who have also risked and endured jail under Najib’s appalling regime, yet who have continued to champion the truth day in and out.

Crowds cheering on the streets tonight should include as another reason for their joy the fact they have managed to prevent the incarceration of so many of their brightest politicians, artists and campaigners, who were facing years behind bars for standing up for the country’s rights – Rafizi, Zunar, Guan Eng, Khairuddin… the list was growing by the day.

Well done Malaysians.

And pulling them altogether, in that final master-stroke of unity, a man of 93, who has earned a permanent plynth in the nation’s history. Where Najib sowed division and poured money into disunity, Dr Mahathir reached out to each and every segment of the alienated population and whipped rivalling politicians and anxious civil leaders into a unity of trust.

He did it to right wrongs and to lay a straighter path for a future where he knows he cannot lead.  Malaysia owes much to all these brave champions and must pray for them all tonight, so that they may find the strength and ability to carry out their purpose for the people.

Reform begins tonight.  Malaysia achieved a peaceful democratic transfer of power through a popular election for the very first time and the future for this newly reunified nation, now back under the cardinal principle of governance by the rule of law, looks extremely bright.

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