How Malaysia Stands To Lose Billions Thanks To The Return Of The Kleptocrats

As Malaysians scratch their heads to work out why on the one hand PM7 was denied a swift return of parliament (the supreme authority in the land) to test the support of the people’s representatives, yet on the other hand PM8 was allowed instead to AVOID thus testing his legitimacy for a jaw-dropping three months, here is more to think about.

By allowing the bunch of thieves and kleptocrats accused by the United States, and indeed the world, of stealing billions from 1MDB back into the ruling coalition (a minority government that has yet to gain legitimacy in Parliament and looks unlikely to do so) Malaysia has triggered a devastating rule regarding the return of stolen monies.

Insiders have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the rules governing the US Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Unit specify that unless a new reforming government has been established in the victim country from which seized assets were taken, the funds must not be returned.

Countries like Somalia and Sudan, from whom assets have also apparently been seized by the unit, have yet to see the return of their monies for that reason according to these sources.

However, thanks to the election of the new PH government, committed to prosecuting the crimes and to combatting corruption, around US$1 billion had already been returned to Malaysia and much more was on its way.

The procedure each time that moneys have been returned has been that the new government has been obliged to sign a pledge to the US that they will not return to the perpetrators and that the perpetrators are no longer in office. That signed pledge will no longer be possible to procure now that PM8 presides over a coalition with UMNO where leading lights are having to take time off court to discuss their cabinet posts.

Malaysia has plummeted to Somalia/Sudan status overnight in this respect and those in the know have warned Sarawak Report that there was a prospect of at least $3 billion and probably £4 billion still to come from the United States as the proceeds of their actions complete their course. That money includes prospective fines from Goldman Sachs.

None of this money will now be sent to Malaysia under the rules governing the actions and written into the constitution of the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Unit.

Abu Dhabi and The Vanishing Prospect of $8 Billion Settlement

Of course, it is much worse than that.  Because, Malaysia had started to gain the strong upper hand in the on-going case against Abu Dhabi in the UK High Court.

Malaysia has been suing the Emirate for a cool $8 billion over the duplicitous complicity of its highest officials in the original thefts from 1MDB and then for the duplicitous deals reached with Najib by the country’s highest officials to hide the scandal in return for vast payments from the Malaysian public purse.

A devastating recorded phone call has just recently been released by the MACC and heard by all Malaysians in which the criminal behind the thefts, present cabinet hopeful Najib Razak, begged with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi himself to help cover up his thefts.

Najib brazenly chose to remind the Crown Prince in that call that a cover up was in both their interests to protect people ‘dear to the Crown Prince himself’ as well as Najib. The Crown Prince can be heard to concur in this and to agree to do all he can to help cover up the scandal as it is in both their interests.

This was clinching evidence of a conspiracy against the Malaysian people entered into by the two leaders, who soon signed a crippling deal back in 2016 whereby the Malaysian government agreed to pay billions to Abu Dhabi, essentially to keep the matter quiet.

Since both countries were after around $8 billion considered to be at stake this was a massive opportunity for Malaysia to get the money back through the legal action.

Now Malaysians can kiss goodbye to the money, because all can see how a cabinet controlled by UMNO masquerading behind the less than healthy puppet PM8 will be demanding that the case be dropped and that Malaysia be forced continue to pay Abu Dhabi the crippling hush money.

The kleptocracy trials will be seen to continue doubtless, but Altantuya style. The prosecutors will be constrained, evidence suppressed and the judges bullied. Najib already can’t resist smirking about it all in public.

Were the High Court to rule in favour of the blatant guilt, given the overwhelming evidence, the power-brokers will soon challenge in the Appeal and Supreme Courts where Najib’s boys have rigged countless trials including that outrageous appeal of an acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim, later found to be illegal.

Whilst they challenge these verdicts against their outrageous crimes, the likes of Najib and Zahid will expect PM8 to give them bail and cabinet posts (senior posts so they can steal lots more money in double quick time).

Not only will this mean that the money from the US will stop dead in its tracks, it is bound to result in a negotiated end to the Abu Dhabi case and a return to the agreement to pay billions of dollars to the dodgy Emiratis in return for not exposing Najib’s crimes.

Except, Najib’s crimes have now been fully exposed and Malaysians can see exactly what has been done to them in the name of a minority government without legitimacy that dare not convene parliament because it doesn’t have the numbers.

The Sultan ought to over-rule this situation and repair his earlier mistake. Otherwise, Malaysia will be treated to three months of watching a bunch of crooks as they strive to bribe and bully some 40 MPs into betraying their voters and ‘legitimising’ the government of PM8.

PM8 stands naked in this situation, as does UMNO and do PAS and it is not a pretty sight.

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