The Usurper Dodges On The Numbers Behind His UMNO/PAS Coalition

The bogus ‘PM8’ is refusing to show his numbers or to test them by calling parliament. Unlike Dr Mahathir and his allies, who published their names and numbers yesterday to prove their majority, this usurper has ducked and dived.

It comes as no surprise, because this UMNO/PAS coalition is a rank minority government that wouldn’t last a second on the floor of parliament.

At best they can boast 80 MPs out of the 112 they need for a bare majority. Apart from zig zagging UMNO frogs, the PKR deserters Azmin Ali and Zuraida and the likes of Kanga Kittingan there are few rebels left from the prior government to build their ranks.

Yet the Agong has doubled down behind this Imposter PM choice. His move to appoint Muhyiddin is clearly supported by the Sultan of Johor, for whom Muhyiddin worked under UMNO for very many years.

Maybe he has rightly judged that such an action would unite the majority coalition that has squabbled of late, thus giving the plotters their chance.

The effect of appointing an UMNO/PAS minority government has been the shock all those infighters needed to pull back together in their duty to the public. It is possible this has been behind his wise decision.

However, some supporting the royal choice may also consider they are ‘saving’ many things linked to tradition and race by giving their old allies from UMNO (including several world-class crooks) this prime chance to dig in and buy support.

Incidentally, of course, they are also working to save a form of government that had increasingly permitted them to act both as royals and as the most powerful businessmen in their states, able to deal in public lands and contracts with all the advantages of their position.

Back in government the UMNO of Najib and Zahid will make sure that corrupted system continues and PAS will sanctify it.

Bogus PM8 has a big problem called Parliament

However, right at this moment the triumphant plotters have a problem and it is called parliamentary democracy, which Malaysians know they would much rather do without.

All Malaysia has heard how Najib wailed on the phone to the Sheikh Mohammed of Abu Dhabi that his problem was democracy – he had been caught out stealing billions and democracy was making it hard to hide. Wealthy warlords like himself, having enriched themselves by abusing public office, now long to be rid of the institutions they abused.

With the numbers in so glaringly in dispute the Agong ought to allow the immediate recall of parliament. Far from building his support the usurper Muhyiddin has seen duped PH followers move to desert him in the past hours not flock to be ‘on the winning side’.

The blatant plan behind this stage of the coup is for the minority rebels, thus backed by supposed impartial guardians of the constitution, to use all their money and powers of persuasion to pick off the MPs from the majority coalition and build the numbers they still don’t have.

Before GE13 Najib had imported a billion dollars of stolen money from 1MDB to have to hand for just this contingency had UMNO needed ‘frogs’. He and his corrupted allies presently facing trial have had two years to organise another war chest. It will have been an essential part of this daring and outrageous (but entirely characteristic) plan to seize back power.

By refusing an emergency sitting they have just one week to try to deploy their resources to turn MPs, whose constituents might assassinate them for such betrayal. It is a major challenge. Any MP who moves to the minority government now will be an open book to their electorate.

So, already on day one, the ‘postponement’ of Parliament is being mooted by client media of yore. The New Straits Times has issued a story suggesting that even the scheduled March 9th sitting may be ‘delayed’.

The delay of Parliament is the exact opposite of what this situation demands in democratic terms.  But it is desperately needed by the Bogus PM who cannot command the numbers in the house.

The longer the Agong and his fellow sultans (who were unconstitutionally brought in over the weekend to discuss the situation and join forces on his decision) stand by and allow this trampling of the expressed will of the electorate the more the coup will become exposed.

Najib has boasted that his fallback scenario is an illegal election that UMNO/PAS plan to fight on racial lines. They should not take the mood of people treated in this way for granted.

Malaysians ought not to be surprised if ultimately the usurpers around ‘PM8’ seek to postpone parliament permanently instead.

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