Hadi Admits There Was A Plot – Congratulates Himself On ‘Bloodless’ Coup!

The significance of the PAS leader’s foolish acknowledgement on Facebook that there was a plot from the start to overturn the GE14 election result cannot be under-played. It opens a myriad of further questions that must now be also answered – beginning with who, what and how?

In the post, where he brags about the ‘success’ of the ‘Sheraton Move’, the ulama cum politician (who has also admitted he lied in advance of the election when he sued Sarawak Report for exposing his secret alliance with UMNO) said the plotting started from the moment BN lost at GE14 and that he was part of it.

Consider the implications. As Sarawak Report recalls (having been falsely charged under this very heading) there is a crime under Malaysian law punishable by 20 years in jail for ‘Activities Detrimental to Parliamentary Democracy’. If plotting to overturn an election result not in your favour the day after the people have spoken does not qualify, then what does?

It gets worse, because this political extremist who has already caused street violence resulting in deaths in the course of his career, crows as an added achievement that these anti-democratic objectives were fulfilled without bloodshed.

The strong implication is that Hadi would have been willing to shed blood (again) had it been necessary to achieve his political goals, ministerial salary and perks, which he plainly equates with ‘Allah’s will’. He describes his acts as ‘clean’ and ‘democratic’, which plainly they are not.

Hadi even alludes to applauding international observers, whom he claims have praised him for managing his coup without killing anyone – he should provide some names.

The ‘Tok Guru’ then naturally goes on to praise himself for ‘cleaning up the administration’, when the entire country has been appalled and disgusted over the past year at the blatant pork barrelling, conflicts of interests, bloated cabinet, dodgy contracts and appalling bribery and blackmail of MPs to secure the most embarrassing display of jumping party frogs that even Malaysia’s corrupted money politics has ever witnessed.

No one has hit the streets to object in the least, he boasts, omitting to mention how the coup mongers have exploited Covid not only to threaten dire punishment against anyone who sticks their nose outdoors to raise their protest but even now to shut down Parliament itself in the face of the collapse of their bought coalition of rivalling rebels.

Naturally, the boastful posting refers continually to Allah’s ever present will that of course supports each and every surprising moral misdeed Hadi happens to engage in.  See the translation:

    The mind of the President of PAS

    Alhamdulillah it’s been a year for Perikatan Nasional (PN) to rule the beloved country. A step that begins with bismillah after completing the 14th General Election, not just a few minutes while in Sheraton as named by part of the party.
    Actually Pakatan Harapan’s victory is very fragile, while many people are deceived by the manifesto and promise of PRU-14, implementing the application of Puteri Gunung Ledang in Malay fairy tale that easily forgets. Especially those who forget too many PH promises, and don’t need to be mentioned all. If recalled, among them PH promises to reduce fuel prices in less than 24 hours, eliminate tolls and more.
    For PH it’s not wrong to promise in such a way, because it’s all not scripture. If even holy scriptures can be denied, let alone such manifestation and promises.
    Some legislative events occurred, including efforts to liberate certain leaders of Aladdin lamps who called the genie to be done quickly. Worse then, PH braves to make a statement that challenges Islam, Malay Kings, bumiputera privileges, and some fundamental in other Constitution. Everything happens once they step into Putrajaya.
    Then they show the mess to determine who’s chair will be Prime Minister, fighting for heirloom while dad is still living fresh. Each one showing fists among themselves, after several days of election.
    Until those who are together in Pakatan Harapan begin to realize that there is no hope anymore, the only hope is left in its name.
    Their political pact positions are fragile, and ready to divide home furniture and divide the children. Even now they are fighting for the most child between PAN and PKR, when the trust slogan is broken, justice is chosen.
    PAS who has been old in opposition, got new opposition partners, but PAS has been in politics since colonial age and has experience joining elections since the Pre-Independence Election in 1955.
    PAS is too familiar with political football, not like most political party components in PH who have only learned politics for a year of corn. This is probably what caused them to just realize and see a very short Sheraton Step.
    The change of PH government to the PN government is done democratically and according to the Federal Constitution process with the most accurate steps, without patronizing the roof and entering the back door.
    Many overseas observers are very impressed by the government exchange without even a drop of blood spilled, without a Clean demonstration that has unclear intentions, without a fight with police and military, and without harassing government officials who are on duty.
    What happens is clean change, it’s just hard to clean up the abandonment that PH has done in years when they make various sneaks during short ruling era. As the elderly say, fixing is harder than destroying.
    Actually we work day and night while PH is fighting day and night. His success strives to take the clear and reject the murky. We accepted friends who came out of the PH pool whose water was driven by their own hands who scratched each other.
    Now, they are still scratching each other because they think PRU-15 will be held anytime soon. While suggesting that even the PRU-15th is done, they are already frailing each other. Some speak and push for elections to be delayed due to the Covid-19 contagion. There are also urgent need to rush the election by establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
    There are even more vile people who want to make a move like the Sheraton Step in a short period of time. Until submitting the form to the Under His Royal Highness of the Royal Highness in-Pertuan Agong so that His Majesty will fill up the form and work to seek the signature of the representatives of the people on behalf of himself. It’s an office boy, who is working to get signed by the members of Parliament that are made into a puzzle has agreed to appoint someone as PM candidate.
    Some say, PH is not political, supposedly loyal to Tuanku’s titah so as not to be political. However, they are still politicking urgent to be held in Parliament during emergency period because the Majesty declared it can be convicted.
    The antics of those who are supposedly non-political, are like the cassary of the desert hiding themselves by hiding their small heads into the ground, and revealing their large bodies are visible from a distance of sight.
    There are amongst political and economical experts class Professor says the PN government can’t handle economic crisis. Even though the feet of chatting coffee shops know, that Malaysia is now (not Malaysian media) is on the face of the earth that is entirely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, and Malaysia is also on earth, not on the space planet.
    Everyone knows what they’ve done when PH is in power without Covid-19 in almost two years. Compare the achievements and successes achieved by PN after even a year of leading a government in today’s epidemic atmosphere.
    Unfortunately, there are still people affected by PH’s empty chats, who are hopping to take over the government at a faster rate than Sheraton’s Step.
    Unfortunately, there are those who act well listening to thunder in the sky, water in the crock poured out. Even more powerful, those who jumped toward PH are the limp people hugged the rocks that were thought of rescuers.
    All things that happen are caused by swallowing promises that are difficult to say ‘ Insya-Allah ‘, because his hope is faithfully looking toward the ‘ White House ‘ not toward the House of Allah (Baitullah).
    Let’s be people who don’t forget Allah SWT, even though we are facing a difficult future because of His word:
    ) And do not say to anything that I am doing this tomorrow 23 Except that Allah wills, and remember your Lord when you forget and say, ′′ May He guide my Lord closer to this
    ′′ And don’t you ever say anything: ‘ I will do this tomorrow morning. ‘( 23 ); Except ( by saying ):’ God willing. ‘And remember your God if you forget and say:’ May my God give me guidance to those who are closer to his truth than this. ‘ (24).” (Surah al-Kahfi: 23-24)
    President of PAS
    Dated: 23 Rajab 1442 / 7 March 2021

Divine will aside, people in Malaysia can now thanks to these vain admissions reach some very firm conclusions about the treachery and corruption of certain political figures, including Hadi, and demand for further elaboration.

The PAS leader says the plotting began from the minute he and his secret allies from UMNO lost. The PH coalition which had been voted in on a platform to reform Malaysia’s mafiosi style ‘money politics’ were naive newcomers to the game of ‘political football’ compared to his own party, says Hadi, who brags he was by contrast well entrenched in the past politics and knew all the tactics well.

Easy to just overturn the PH newbies – ‘Perak-style’ by buying up the more biddable MPs?  This, rather than abiding by the will of the electorate is what the political guru explains he regards as ‘clean’ politics. Better than politics soaked with blood, which appears to be his alternative solution to a result he didn’t like.

Hadi mocks how PH’s planned reform measures were delayed (but fails to mention how one major block owed to unelected Senators appointed by his own secret allies in BN).

Who Were The Plotters And How Did It Play Out Exactly?

So with whom did Hadi plot from Day One? We can assume the former head of UMNO/BN Najib was with him at the start, given the secret pre-election alliance which was supposed to have resulted in his appointment as Deputy PM in an UMNO/PAS coalition post-GE14.

The frogging over to Bersatu straight after the election by long-time Najib fixer Hamzah Zainuddin and his yes-men we can now also confirm to have been part of the plot from the start – the plan being to destabilise the coalition from within.

More significantly, the meetings in London and Morocco during the post-GE14 the summer vacation between Azmin Ali and the likes of deep pocketed BN crony Vincent Tan and Najib’s cousin Hishamuddin Hussein take on a new significance.

The betrayal of Azmin and his connections to Hadi Awang had of course started well before the election as the ambitious PKR number two moved to take full advantage of the political imprisonment of his boss. He wanted to ‘Frog’ him as well.

After all, Azmin had already plotted together with Hadi to elbow Wan Azizah out of her position as the state leader in Selangor, on the grounds of PAS’s religious bigotry against women (the bigotry also applies to gays, but politics is nothing if not for hypocrites).

Now Hadi has now effectively confirmed that Azmin’s betrayal of PH was indeed entrenched from the start, aided by those Sarawak MP’s bound tightly to his Selangor funded payroll.

Furthermore, as UMNO, their PAS pawn and big business cronies moved their chess pieces into position in those early months, one must now start to question what was being done on the constitutional side of things with regard to the all important player of a friendly Agong?

How certain rulers must have undoubtedly fretted as PH cancelled corrupted contracts worth countless billions traditionally designed to fund vast palaces, polo ponies and troops of hangers on. How UMNO (and Azmin) must have seethed that the previous Agong granted a full pardon to the PKR leader on his release as an acknowledgement of their cooked up charges. So plenty of potential for allies in that camp.

Following the admission of a sophisticated plot by experienced long-term ‘players’ Malaysians now have to wonder whether the release of so much scandal followed by the removal of the previous Agong, who had agreed to fulfil his constitutional role and install the majority elected leadership as Malaysia’s first non-UMNO government, was also part of the political mafia’s pushback strategy to over-turn GE14?

Hadi was in the thick of it, he’s told us, so he should answer this and every other question about how his plot was pulled together. After all, he clearly has no shame or sense of wrong-doing or fear of being judged as others are, so why hide the all these details for one moment longer?

Just look how he considers himself free to criticise the judgement of the Federal Court, whilst his own government just prosecuted Malaysiaki to the tune of half a million ringgit for the same offence (carried out by third parties on their site).

So let’s hear the full story step by step about what he and his co-conspirators got up to – the full football match – not just throw away admissions and vague references on Facebook.

Why hesitate, unless he fears the wrath of fellow plotters if he gives too much away?

Hadi has already put further pressure on Malaysia’s present constitutional head to demonstrate a full integrity in the handling of his appointed Frog Coalition government and he has further closed the room for manoeuvre for his viciously rivalling present allies.

Does he fear that earthly laws may at last catch up with him.  Unless, his heavenly ally over-rides the extensive interventions of modern medical science and claims him first.

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