Led By Donkeys

Plenty of talent and ability has been on show in Malaysia over the past days as able voices from all segments of the community have stood against incompetence.

There has been eloquence from politicians, logic from lawyers, good science from deeply frustrated doctors and an upsurge of demand for plain common sense from business and the community at large. Yet the actual decisions are still being made by dithering dunderheads who lack the legitimacy required to rule.

As their so-called State of Emergency has descended into chaos this Marx Brothers administration first declared there would be no reopening of the Parliament. Then (because forced by the increasingly anxious rulers) they agreed to a ‘Parliament’ but without votes or debates or questions or anything else that parliaments do – and just for five days.

After all, there was a ‘State of Emergency’ in place.

Except, now it turns out there isn’t a State of Emergency any more. Following UMNO’s midnight ultimatum it has just evaporated. Excuses are that it was dropped before the ultimatum (on Wednesday as a matter of fact) but the ‘Non-Emergency situation’ won’t come into force until tomorrow, apparently.

Lawyers are banging their heads and demanding evidence of due process.  But what to ask a bunch of idiots who simply ignore rules, lack legitimacy, block questions and create nonsense arguments out of thin air as they refuse to be made accountable for anything they do?

It is plain for all to see these opportunists will keep on saying black is white until someone kicks them out of office, because there is one compelling reason that keeps them clinging on, which they all understand from a life-time of experience. Good old-fashioned Malaysian ‘Money Politics’.

There is simply too much daily profit to be made out of cashing in on Covid and the opportunities provided by an inflated and unscrutinised emergency budget for them to hand over a day before they have to.

The people’s suffering has been PN’s blessing: it gave them their opportunity to rescue a failed coup by cancelling parliament and then to raise vast sums of cash without accountability.

Managing the pandemic has been a secondary side-show by comparison. For these puffed up new Cabinet members, GlC bosses and their happy hangers on it has been all about dining and dancing, whilst folk have been falling sick and dying in droves and starving thanks mainly to incompetence and graft.

So, today was the day that MPs vented fury in Parliament, doctors walked out on strike from hospitals and cases hit new records. But then nothing happened. The PM went home early.

There seems only one route left to catch up with and over-take the donkeys and the far from stupid population have plainly worked out what’s needed. Cars.

Covid may have provided the perfect excuse to prevent people marching with their feet to make their feelings heard, but it would take some twists of logic to tell the population they cannot get into their own cars, fly a flag and toot their horn.

Thousands of doctors made their point today already. Bets are on that Saturday will provide the message the PN donkeys need to understand their game is over.

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