Who Does This King Think He Is? Zuraida Demands To Know

The King says he’s ‘sad’? Well, Zuraida’s damned ‘UPSET‘!

On TV yesterday she was forced to teach the Monarch a few realities about the Constitution. First up, he listens to her (being she is the Cabinet) and not the other way round.

Second, if he doesn’t want to pass a law, tough. Because if the Government have approved it then after 30 days it becomes law anyway.

Sarawak Report suggests Law Minister Takiyuddin remains in hospital as it might not be good for his struggling heart to try and defend that lot. This is how it came out:

“It’s up to the Government and the Cabinet to decide and the Monarch has to listen …. that should be the way

There are certain things Zuraida failed to mention (or probably to even grasp). The first is that the Cabinet she refers to does not legitimately hold office under the requirements laid out by the Constitution.

This is owing to the fact that the Constitution requires that the Prime Minister who appointed it should enjoy the support of the majority of MPs and if requested must prove that fact. The Prime Minister has refused and in order to do so has barely called Parliament at all during the entire 18 months since he was appointed by the King who has now quite rightly demanded he do so.

On the specific request of the King and the Rulers Mahiaddin did open Parliament last week, but tried to get out of any debates or any votes. After three days the King complained so Mahiaddin slammed shut Parliament again rather than face the dreaded vote.

That is what this argument is about, which is the lack of legitimacy of Mahiaddin’s government to decide anything at all.

Zuraida is also neglecting to point out that laws which pass into effect after 30 days are those that have been debated and voted through by Parliament. Zuraida’s government has been relying to the contrary on emergency powers that were made possible only on the acquiescence of the King, which he had given on the understanding that the Emergency Ordinances would later be placed before MPs who can either uphold or revoke them. That is what is laid out in the Constitution.

So, actually, these decisions are legally up to the King and Parliament and not the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, who can only advise on the matter of instituting an Emergency. It is for her to listen for once and not for the King to shut up and listen to her.

Power and Money

There has been a largely unspoken reason behind the latest attempts by the present imposters in the Cabinet to argue that a vote by Parliament is no longer relevant now the period of the declared State of Emergency has lapsed. Naturally it has to do with power and money.

What is at stake here is the provision in the Constitution that the ordinances put in place under Emergency provisions will remain in operation for another 6 months after the State of Emergency has lapsed (i.e.until February) unless specifically revoked by Parliament.

At present these include a ‘Fake News’ law which is enabling the harassment of the population at large and, more important still to the likes of Zuraida, the amendment to the treasury rules that has allowed the Government to raise as much money as it likes on the excuse of tackling Covid.

Now that is an incentive to avoid Parliament throwing the whole lot out of the window, let alone allowing the leader of the opposition his right to demand a Vote of No Confidence, which Mahiaddin and Zuraida plainly fear they will lose.

Thus we have a situation where a woman from a Cabinet that lacks even a shred of legitimacy or credibility thinks it her place to lecture a legally instituted Head of State about who gets to call the shots. This supposedly supreme bunch of Cabinet Ministers don’t even command popularity, quite the opposite. After months of corruption and incompetence they are darkly hated throughout the nation.

It is at this point that the behaviour of the stupidly arrogant Zuraida and her desperado colleagues crosses the line from mere impertinence to obvious criminality. They are avoiding Parliament to stay in office in order to keep their hands on emergency spending powers that were passed thanks only to the agreement of the King, but which he now wants to see legally ratified by Parliament.

The Cabinet is refusing. The Cabinet the King appointed in good faith is also refusing to test its legitimacy as the King requests. Having been appointed subject to the approval of Parliament, this Prime Minister and his Cabinet decided to leave out the Parliament bit and have now turned round to bite the hand that conditionally bestowed these powers upon them.

They think they can cherry pick the Constitution and cast off the role of the Head of State: i.e. break the law. They should remember the King is head of the army and indeed the ROYAL Malaysia Police.

Of course, this so-called Cabinet bloated with multi-party rebels think they have a plan that will eventually shore up their specious arguments and restore their ability to secure a majority backing of MPs. It is based on spending.

First, having dragged their feet with vaccinations in order to keep up their earlier excuse of Covid to suspend Parliament they believe the population will now be grateful if they at last dispense vaccines which have been vastly over-paid for in the meantime.

Second, they think by buying an extra month or two they can spread around more bribes and threaten to jail more MPs in order to build back the razor thin majority they were able to obtain to pass last year’s budget. The passing of that budget had depended heavily on the goodwill of the King, which can be considered lost.

This is has been Mahiaddin’s blueprint for office since Day One as he has been recorded boasting from the start. Money Politics and Abuse of Office – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Neither he nor Zuraida nor his other stalwarts seem to realise the strategy has failed to hold amidst the rivalries and divisions of a coalition of crooks. The brighter ones are jumping ship and by barking louder against her betters Zuraida will not help their now desperate cause.


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